Wielkopolski National Park

Wielkopolski National Park is one of the most attractive areas around Poznań. The Park situated 15 km south of Poznań can easily be reached thanks to several coach and rail links (Poznań - Wrocław route). To get there, you can also take a fast train from Warsaw to Poznań. The Park includes 18 strict protection areas that cover 260 ha in total. They are designed to protect various forms of post - glacial landscape, natural plant communities, and animals living there. Moreover, 32 monument trees and one erratic boulder are preserved there.
More than one million tourists visit the Wielkopolski National Park each year. Five tourist trails with a total length of 85 km run through the Park. Along them, seven routes have been designed for tourists wiling to become acquainted with natural and cultural attributes of the area.
Many historic monuments are found in the Park, the most precious being a wooden church in Łódź dating back to the 17th c. Other historic churches can be found in Puszczykowo, Stęszew and Wiry. You can visit 19th c. manors in Szreniawa and Trzebaw. Ruins of the castle Tytus Działyński built for his sister Klaudyna Potocka on the Castle Islet on Lake Góreckie are one of many other interesting sights to be seen in the Park.

Marked routes
Prof. Adam Wodziczka's Route
length: 9.5 km
Osowa Hill - Lake Kociołek - Lake Skrzynka - Lake Góreckie - Osowa Hill, blue, red and blue marking.
Scythemen Route
length: 8 km
Osowa Hill - Lake Kociołek - Lake Góreckie - Jeziory - Puszczykówko, blue and red marking.
Cyryl Ratajski Route
length: 13 km
Mosina - Lake Kociołek - Górka - Lake Łódzko - Dymaczewskie - Lake Witobelskie - Stęszew, blue marking.
Bernard Chrzanowski Route
length: 12 km
Puszczykowo - Jarosławiec - Puszczykówko, yellow marking