New public consultation website

The Mayor's Office Social Communication Unit is launching a new consultation vortal to provide Poznan residents with better and more complete access to relevant information on public participation and consultations.

Screenshot of the new website for public consultations in Poznan. At the top there are titlws of the six articles, below headlines. - grafika artykułu
New website for public consultations in Poznan

The new website has a refreshed layout and clear navigation, and above all, it is responsive, i.e. available on any mobile device. The vortal will feature the most important information on public consultations held in Poznań, published in such a way as to be accessible to everyone.

It will contain information on social consultations of local zoning plans divided into I and II stages, road projects and traffic organization, projects on architecture, public transport, greenery, revitalization and social consultations of programs and strategic documents of the City.

The vortal will also contain information on meetings of the Mayor of Poznan with the District Councils and their residents. There will be a link to the website of the current edition of the Poznan Civic Budget or the activities of the Local Initiative Centres.

The vortal will also provide current statistics for the previous year on participatory projects, i.e., the number of consultation processes, the number of consultation days in Poznan, the number of people involved in social consultations (their participants), as well as the number of proposals, opinions, comments and postulates submitted during the consultations.
Among the new tools on the website you will find an interactive map of the city with information on passed or being developed local plans in Poznan. Just click on a given area and you will see basic information with a link to the sheet of the specific draft local plan. At the top of the page you will be able to see the latest and most important information. Each consultation process has a specially prepared process sheet, which includes not only all current information but also materials developed for the process.

The Mayor's Office Social Communication Unit is committed to reaching the widest possible audience. That is why we tried to organize the consultation processes into categories so that they are more accessible to every resident and so that the residents are even more involved in the process of managing our City.

We are very keen to learn the opinions of residents on various issues subject to public consultation and to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of decision-making processes in the City.

In cooperation with the Digitization and Cybersecurity Office of the Poznan City Hall, solutions have been developed to not only simplify access to information but to make it accessible and attractive. It is worth emphasizing here that the new website is fully compatible with other city services. Thanks to the possibilities of the new website, we will be able to publish project visualizations, as well as other information materials (presentations, descriptions or animations). There will also be space on the website for video materials, which have so far been published in social media.

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