Moving around Poznan

Transport Guide

Public transport in the city of Poznan is organized by Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego (ZTM) - Urban Transport Authority. Trams are the core of the system, bus lines are complementary to the tram network. This solution encourages passengers to change lines offering high frequency connections with changes instead of low frequency direct connections. It also makes the network less extensive and less complicated to passengers.

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Poznan Public Bike System

Poznan City Bike offers over 100 urban parking zones across Poznan (PRM 3G) and over 160 urban bike parking zones (stationless system, PRM 4G).

How to use the Poznan Public Bike System?

  • Set up an account. Fill out the registration form, accept the Terms of Service and make the initial payment (20 PLN). Click on the verification link which you will get by email. You will receive a text message and an email from us with a PIN number to your account.
  • Rent a bike.
  • Return a bike.

The fee for using the bicycles is 1 PLN from 1 to 30 minutes.

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You can download the mobile app available in English and German.


Find all cars, mopeds, scooters and city bikes in one app!

Take&drive shows you all shared vehicles and bus/tram stops on one map.

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Parking in Poznan

Municipal Road Administration (ZDM) carries out a number of activities to improve traffic conditions and safety in Poznan. ZDM manages parking to balance the needs of residents, commuters and visitors to the city.

In Poznan there are two paid parking zones: the Red Parking Zone (covers most streets in the city center) and the Blue Parking Zone. 

Parking is allowed in the marked parking spaces only.

Parking fees are charged from 8.00-20.00 Monday to Friday in the Red Parking Zone and from 8.00-18.00 in the Blue Parking Zone. On Saturdays parking fees are charged in the Red Parking Zone from 8.00-18.00.

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