Poznan Citizen's Panel

Poznan Citizen's Panel is a new trend in democracy which enables decisions to be taken at the level of the city, the state and the international community. Poznan Citizen's Panel is a randomly selected group of male and female residents, taking into account the demographic criteria of gender and age. The Panel represents the city or the state in a nutshell. The role of a citizens' panel is to examine a topic in depth, discuss different solutions, listen to arguments for and against, and then make informed and considered decisions.

The topic of the panel is: "How can Poznan authorities act to counteract and adapt to climate change and the climate crisis?". 

It approved the following specific topics:

  1. How to adapt forests and green areas in Poznan to a changing climate?
  2. Whether to completely phase out coal burning in Poznań households?

Find out more at: https://www.poznan.pl/panelobywatelski/