Underwater. Floods in Poznań

Since the beginning of times, the relationship between man and nature has been accompanied by extreme phenomena. The history of Poznan, located on the Warta River, was often written by  water flowing over the city walls.

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The river provided protection and transportation for the residents, and was a source of food and energy. At the same time, it remained an unpredictable element, inspiring fear and respect.

For centuries, the residents of Poznan protected themselves against floods in various ways. The memories of the most powerful ones were passed down from generation to generation. Flood signs and boards that have survived to this day remind us of earlier disasters, and photographs of recent floodings appeal to our senses today.

The great flood of 1924 was particularly remembered (thanks to the wonderful photos of Roman Stefan Ulatowski, among others). On the centenary of this event, we are presenting a richly illustrated exhibition that shows the city and its residents at the moments when the usually calm Warta revealed its dangerous side.

The exhibition is available in Polish and English.

  • Outdoor exhibition: Underwater. Floods in Poznań
  • area in front of Brama Poznania (Porta Posnania), ul. Dziekańska 2, Poznań
  • 25.04. - 12.08.
  • free admission

materials made available by the organizer: Poznań Heritage Centre

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