Poznań honored in prestigious mobility report

Poznan's Hop&Go micromobility points have been highlighted and described in a recent report on urban mobility. The report, published by bee smart city and IAA Mobility, brings together case studies and expert insights. Mobility is presented in a broader perspective, not just in terms of getting from point A to point B, but in terms of transforming the fabric of our collective lives and the impact of innovative solutions on urban streets and the air we breathe.  

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Poznań's Hop&Go micromobility zones have been recognized in a prestigious mobility report

IAA Mobility 2023 - Global Mobility Platform 

The conference was held in Munich from September 5-10 last year. The event presented the future of mobility in all its aspects. It was a meeting place for visionaries, stakeholders, decision makers and enthusiasts. During the event, the world's leading automotive and mobility companies, suppliers, startups, bicycle manufacturers, micromobility companies and technologies presented their sustainable, innovative ideas and solutions for climate-neutral mobility.   

The aim was to highlight the interconnectedness of different forms of transportation, companies and technologies. As a result, intelligently integrated mobility solutions were presented, how existing ones can be improved, and how to make mobility safer, more comfortable and more sustainable. 

Poznan flagship project - Hop&Go micromobility points 

One of our most promising ventures in this area is the development of Hop&Go micromobility points. Underlying this innovative activity is a pivot strategy, which is the process of adapting an organization's strategy in response to changing social and market conditions or the results of internal analysis. It implies an approach to respond to challenges and seize new opportunities. 

Centralized Hop&Go points where different forms of transportation converge facilitate seamless transitions between different modes, from bicycles and scooters to public transportation and walking. 

The creation of these hubs relies heavily on the use of data. By analyzing mobility data provided by electric scooter companies, we have identified strategic locations for hubs that maximize accessibility and convenience for all city residents. The data allows us to understand patterns. Hop&Go, in particular, exemplifies our commitment to using technology to improve city life. It's not just about providing more transportation options, it's about integrating those options into a cohesive system that works with the smart city concept. Already, after less than two months since the pilot program was completed and Hop&Go zones were made mandatory for Poznań residents, we can see a significant improvement in the orderliness of urban spaces. 

Examples of other cities   

Partner city Sopot has introduced a number of ways to calm traffic and improve safety.    

The speed limit on most streets has been reduced to 30 km/h. Elevated intersections have been built to slow down vehicle traffic, and traffic lights are gradually being removed and traffic circles are being built in their place, forcing drivers to reduce their speed. Of Sopot's 65 kilometers of streets, 23 kilometers of bicycle paths have been linked into a coherent network with neighboring cities. New and improved lighting has also been installed. All solutions were developed during public consultations with residents, so they are tailored to local conditions and take into account the needs of the community.   

In contrast, Vienna actively encourages its male and female residents to walk. It is undeniably the most inclusive and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. It causes no greenhouse gases, noise pollution or fine dust. Unlike vehicles, other pedestrians do not pose a threat to our health. On the contrary, daily walking helps achieve medically recommended levels of physical activity. Walking imposes very little infrastructure requirements on city budgets. The Mobility Report is available for download at the indicated link.