Safely through a walkway

On June 1, new traffic rules went into effect. They also apply to pedestrians who can no longer use cell phones at crossings. There have appeared some signs reminding pedestrians about it in Poznan. 

Picture of a walkway in Poznan, with the sign "Go Offline". - grafika artykułu
"Go Offline"

The first such sign "Go offline" with a crossed out phone in your hand appeared in front of the pedestrian crossing at the streetcar stop Poznan Main Station on Matya Street. This is a place where hundreds of people pass every day, and the traffic across the Dworcowy bridge is also heavy.

In the near future the city will see several dozens of such signs at crossings located, among others, at the 1st traffic frame and on Głogowska and Grunwaldzka streets.

The act contains a provision prohibiting pedestrians from using cell phones and other devices impairing proper perception, especially visual perception, and thus the ability to safely enter and cross the roadway or railway tracks.

For non-compliance with these regulations the police may punish the person crossing illegally with a fine from PLN 50 to PLN 100.

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