Mission Madagascar

Absorbed in everyday duties, living in Europe, we often forget that the modern world is not homogeneous. We do not realize how deep the precipice is, which looks unimaginable behind the Brandt line. To the south of it lies Madagascar, where 80% of the population lives for 1 dollar a day. On the Red Island, which we associate with lemurs, almost one out of two siblings suffers from chronic malnutrition, many have anemia, and the infant mortality rate is one of the highest in the world. When mother has no food, the baby is fed with diluted condensed milk or overcooked corn. In this light, the everyday problems we are struggling with can be called trivial.

Mission Madagascar (photo: Daniel Kasprowicz)
Mission Madagascar (photo: Daniel Kasprowicz)

Unable to remain indifferent to human harm, the idea of the project "Mission Madagascar" was born. This is a nutritional and medical mission associating all those who want to help Malagasy and make the world a little better place. The action is attended by students of the Faculty of Food and Nutrition at the University of Life Sciences in Poznań, nutritionists and specialists in the production and processing of food.

The mission is under the patronage of the Children of Madagascar Foundation and the Rector of the University of Life Sciences in Poznań. The quest is to help the local population fight malnutrition, the lack of knowledge and medical care. Participants go on an expedition to the bush, with an aim to help malnourished and lacking basic medical care Malagasy. There are plans to assess the nutritional status of children and help the most needing. Students of the Faculty of Food Sciences and Nutrition want to hand over the knowledge they have to the natives by organizing food workshops and teaching them how to prepare meals from resources available on the island.

Unfortunately, the willingness to provide selfless help is primarily associated with financial problems, which can not be avoided, travelling to distant Madagascar. The problems include: administrative fees, costs of flights, life on the island, necessary vaccinations, insurance and the last but not least - medical equipment and food for Malagasy.

Therefore, everyone can become part of the "Mission Madagascar" by financially supporting the participants of the expedition. Even the smallest gesture will provide a lot of support and additional motivation to help people who need it. Donations can be sent to the account number 14 1140 2004 0000 3702 7688 5492 with a note "Madagascar".