The National Museum - Museum of the History of Poznań


Museum of the History of Poznań is situated in the center of the Old Market Square - the former seat of municipal authorities. Originally it was a single-storey building erected at the latest at the turn of the 14th c. The City Hall was rebuilt in a stately manner in the mid-16th c. by Giovanni Baptista di Quadro (he took to Poznan so much that he decide to settle down here. He married a Pole, Barbara Sztametówna). The building received a uniform Renaissance exterior and a new interior layout, with the imposing Great Antechamber (Renaissance Hall). Poznan and its City Hall from the moment of the town's location (1253) until the 1950s.

On the outside of the City Hall, one's gaze is attracted by images of Polish kings of the Jagiellonian and Piast dynasties in the attic belt and in the arcades of side loggias, as well as by the clock in the middle turret, featuring the famous billy-goats (a symbol of Poznan), horning each other every day at high noon. The first clockwork was constructed in 1555 by master Bartłomiej Wolff of Gubin.

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The exhibit, located in the ground floor halls and on the first and second floors, tells the story of Poznań and its City Hall from the moment of the town's location (1253) until the 1950s.

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