Nuclear Shelter for Poznań Authorities and Communist Period Poster Gallery


Built in 1956, the shelter was intended to protect top municipal officials in case of nuclear war and other threats. It remained operational until 1994. It was designed to serve as the city's emergency command centre and had workers on continuous duty. Remaining to this day in its interiors is original communist-period equipment, including power generators, a ventilation system, telephone exchanges, furniture, maps, bathroom fittings, telephones and radios, all preserved in intact condition.

The Poster Gallery is a new facility, housed in interiors reminiscent of Poland's flats from the 1950s, "60s and "70s. The display presents the history of Polish socialist-realism posters, film posters and posters from the so-called political thaw period.


Opening hours

The shelter is open on the last Saturday of the month from 10.00am. - 3.00pm.

Groups are requested to book by phone.

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