Smart City Team

Smart City Team is a multidisciplinary team. We work in six interrelated groups:

  • Smart Living
  • Smart Environment
  • Smart Economy
  • Smart Community
  • Smart Mobility 
  • Smart Digital City 

Michał Łakomski

Mayor's Proxy for Smart City

Director of Digitalization and Cybersecurity Department

Smart Digital City Leader

Supervises the system of management, information services and technologies, and information security.

Rafał Ratajczak

Smart City Manager at Wielkopolska Investmemt Support Center Ltd.

Smart Economy Leader

Wielkopolska Investment Support Center Ltd. is an entity that supports and participates in implementing smart city projects. Its tasks and responsibilities include participating as an expert in developing city's projects, coordinating selected pilot projects together with external entities and municipal units, and analyzing the rationale for introducing the tested solutions. The company takes part in implementing the Smart City Model and participates in meetings which present urban smart solutions.

Olga Dzieciątkowska 

Digital Project Specialist

Smart Digital City Team Member

Smart City Poznan App Coordinator and Moderator

100 Intelligent Cities Challenge Initiative Coordinator in Poznan