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"OKRĄGLAK" Warehouse


A symbol of Poznan's modernism - 'Okraglak', a building designed by a renowned architect Marek Leykam. This is one of the most famous buildings in more than 1000 years of the city's history. Although it was created in the era pervaded by socialist realism (1949-1954), it represents all of the standard modernist features.

What is so impressive about it is not only the fact that building is inscribed into the architecture of the nineteenth century buildings surrounding 'Okrąglak' (The Round House), but also architectural solutions employed in the building's interior. Indeed, there is few Poznaners that are not impressed by the two separate staircases winding up the walls inside the cylinder.

Opening hours

The building is currently under renovation. Its re-opening is sheduled in mid-2012.

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