Red lettering and geometric shapes forming the outline of buildings on white background

Online exhibition: The city (re)constructed. Post-war restoration of the stately buildings in Poznań

21.12 – 03.05.2021

Online access: Porta Posnania website

The exhibition in Porta Posnania is closed from March 20 until further notice

Temporary exhibition A City (Re)Constructed. Post-war restoration of the stately buildings in Poznań, designed by Maksym Kempiński organised by Porta Posnania. 

The display is devoted to the post-war reconstruction of Poznań's most prominent buildings. Its other aim is to present historical debates on reconstruction among experts, decision-makers and the residents. The intention is to remind people that Poznań's architecture and urban design that emerged in the post-war era resulted from the intellectual work of numerous contributors to this monumental effort.

More info about the exhibition and online access: Porta Posnania website

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