When you experience violence..... - GETTING HELP WHEN VIOLENCE OCCURS

Are you in a crisis situation?

Do you experience domestic violence?

Have you been hurt?

Do you not know where to seek help?

Remember - specialists from the Crisis Intervention Point are waiting for you in Poznań. Get help!

Please call: (+48) 509 111 508

Send a text message:  (+48) 516 183 943

Send an e-mail: pik@m.poznan.pl

The Crisis Intervention Point is on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Help is also available in English.

At the Crisis Intervention Point you shall get:

  • comprehensive information on help options,
  • psychological support,
  • legal assistance,
  • assistance in contacting the Police and other institutions,
  • temporary shelter.


Your safety is a priority. 

You are not to blame for violence and there are people who wish to help you!

Under Polish law, violence is a crime, and anyone who experiences it has the right to receive appropriate institutional assistance.

Important note!

During the epidemic, the City of Poznań has launched a "Safe Place" - a temporary shelter for people who, due to experiencing violence and a sudden life crisis, are forced to leave their place of residence immediately.

At the Safe Place 

  • help is available at any time of day or night,
  • there are several fully-furnished rooms waiting,
  • you will have access to food,
  • you will find bedding, towels, personal protective equipment, and disinfectants,
  • on-site specialists will give you support and, together with you, prepare a plan for further assistance.

The shelter in the "Safe Place" shall be temporary (3 days) - it is until another permanent place within the framework the social assistance resources has been found.

Should you need more information about the "Safe Place", please visit the Crisis Intervention Point.