Muzeum Instrumentów Muzycznych (Museum of Musical Instruments)


Established in 1945, the Museum of Musical Instruments (a branch of the National Museum of Poznań) is Poland's only institution of its kind and the third largest in Europe. Its holdings of musical instruments come from all parts of the world.

The museum maintains a collection of about two thousand exhibits. Its permanent exhibition is a collection of instruments from the violin family. Its centrepiece are 16th to 20th century stringed instruments, including those made by Marcin Groblicz (Kraków, ca. 1600), Dankwart and Italian masters. The museum also features a large collection of pianos as well as wooden and brass instruments. A part of the exhibition has been devoted to Polish folk instruments and those originating from Africa, Australia and Oceania, the Americas, Asia and Europe. The displays include prehistoric instruments as well as instruments created in the first half of the 20th century.

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