Rezerwat Archeologiczny Genius Loci (Archeological Reserve Genius Loci)


Established in 2012, Poznań's Archaeological Reserve is a municipal institution of culture situated on Cathedral Island and financed by the city of Poznań. The name genius loci (which is Latin for "guardian spirit') alludes to the tradition of happy chosen sites that enjoy the protection of such guardians. The Latin name captures the unique character of Cathedral Island, linked closely to the millennium-long history of Poland and the city.

The displays feature magnificent fortifications of the Poznań castle-town dating from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The tour of the Reserve begins with a showing of a 3D film. After the showing, visitors are encouraged to see original relics of monumental embankments dating back a thousand years, which protected the residence of Poland's first rulers. To better understand the fortification system and how it worked, visitors may view holographic presentations, stop by multimedia kiosks and see the new permanent exhibition Generation 966 - the Dawn of Grand Transformations available since 2016. The Reserve's unique marriage of traditions and modern technology makes the tour all the more appealing.

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