International Christmas Story - 2nd Edition

After the huge success on the previous year and inspired by the Polish tradition of having always a spare dish for the Christmas Supper, waiting for someone to knock the door, we created the 2nd edition of our International Christmas Story. It is a chance for Polish families to revive the real meaning of Christmas by hosting an international on the night of 24th of December, and promote an experience that will remain forever in the memory of all the involved parts.

International Christmas Story
International Christmas Story

The year went by in an extremely accelerated pace, as our lives are nowadays, and Christmas is around the corner. The weather is chilly outside, the days are shorter, the time we spend inside our homes is increasing exponentially, and the city is starting to get ready for celebrating one of the most important dates in Poland.

Christmas represents so much to so many people in this country, and many traditions involving this Holiday run in the veins of Polish people. Even if you are not the biggest fan of Santa Claus, I bet that when the 24th of December is approaching, the lights of the Christmas Trees are turned on, your family starts to prepare the twelve dishes to be served during the supper, and Home Alone is being broadcast everywhere, many meaningful and tender memories start to outcrop in your mind.

We, at Poznań Hub, are blessed enough to have experienced the best of what the traditional Polish Christmas has to offer, and we are sure that these moments will stay in our minds as one of the most beautiful lived in this country. However, we know many people that did not have the same luck as we did, and still haven't got the chance to live it in first hand.