"Mobile Poznań" - join our debate!

Do you have an idea how to improve public transport in Poznań? You want communication in our city to be based on pro-ecological solutions and you are eager to share your insights? 


We invite every Polish speaking person to participate in the debate: "Mobile Poznan". This time, experts' presentations, as well as the participants' opinions, will be enriched with "Oxford Debate", in which students from two high schools from Wielkopolska will discuss mentioned issues.

The topic of the next meeting focuses mainly on clean, ecological urban means of transport. Presentations by experts will cover metropolitan railways, electromobility, parking in the city and public transport. The issue of bus lanes and city bikes will also be analyzed. The theme of the meeting will also include the possibility of limiting the traffic in the centre with a preference for electric cars.

All Poznań residents are invited to participate in the debate!

The meeting will be attended by following experts:

1. Maciej Wudarski - Deputy Mayor of Poznań
2. dr Ewa Wolniewicz-Warska - Kapsch Telematic Services, WarsawUniversity of Technology
3. dr Michał Beim - University of Life Sciences in Poznań, Sobieski Institute
4. dr inż. Jeremi Rychlewski - PoznanUniversity of Technology
5. Maciej Frąckowiak - moderator, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan

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