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The largest number of visitors come to Poznan from Spain or Germany? How many tourists visited Poznań last year? How many flights did the Poznań airport handle? Answers to these and other questions can be found in the City Data Base BaDaM.poznan.pl. This is a new project including the website where we can find statistical data on various dimensions of Poznan. The website will be launched in English soon.

Foreign tourists (continents) countries
Foreign tourists (continents)

Most foreign tourists come to Poznań from Germany, as well as Great Britain, Spain, the USA and France. Compared to the previous year, the total number of tourists from these countries remained at the same level. More and more tourists come from Poznań form new directions - like China and Israel.

Foreign tourists in Poznań in 2017 by continents

1. Europe - EU 274.8 thousand

2. Europe - other 43.8 thousand

3. Asia 29.5 thousand

4. North America 24 thousand

5. South and Central America 5 thousand

6. Australia and Oceania 2.3 thousand

7. Africa 1.5 thousand

Last year, the airport handled 1,852,655 passengers.  Most popular destinations in 2017 were London and Warsaw. Popular destinations are also Munich and Frankfurt. Charters usually fly to Antalya (Turkey) and Bourgas (Bulgaria) and to the Greek islands of Heraklion, Rhodos and Zakynthos.

Most popular tourist attractions are Old Market Square, Cathedral, Stary Browar, MaltaLake and The Castle.

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