Students from Poznań the best in Europe

A team of students from the A. Mickiewicz University (UAM) and the Poznań University of Economics and Business (PUEB), composed of: captain - Mateusz Halicki (PUEP), Dawid Śliwiński (UAM), Sebastian Jastrzębski (UAM) and Aleksander Kempa (UAM), under the supervision of Wojciech Czart, PhD, ended first in Europe in the international Global Online Marketing Academic Challenge (GOMAC) 2018.

European GOMAC won by AMU and UEB team
European GOMAC won by AMU and PUEB team

For several months of intensive work, the students have been preparing and conducting a three-week marketing campaign integrating the Google Ads (AdWords), Facebook and LinkedIn. The competition campaign was carried out for, the first dedicated auction platform in Poland, allowing real-time auctioning of the purchase and sale of energy as part of group reverse tendering. As European winners of the GOMAC, students are still fighting for the title of Global Winner of the GOMAC 2018.

Mr Czart conducts, currently three-semester, classes at the Faculty of Physics in the field of e-commerce technologies and internet marketing for the programmes of Computer Technology and Application of Internet of Things. The AIT programme is run jointly by the A. Mickiewicz University and the Poznań University of Economics and Business. Mr Czart's classes are also conducted in English for students of international exchange as part of the AMU-PIE Programme.

Participants of the classes led by Wojciech Czart have been successful on the international arena for 10 years. Last year, they were also European winners of the Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC) 2017. In addition, since 2009, as many as 6 teams of Mr Czart have qualified to the final Top 5 of Europe's GOMC, and 10 to the semi-final (since 2011 defined as Top 15 in Europe).

The GOMAC is organised by the international community of the Global Online Marketing Academics (GOMA), associating academic teachers specialising in digital marketing. The GOMA community includes, among others, Google's GOMC Global Academic Panel members and academic teachers being members of the GOMC Academics. The objective of the Global Online Marketing Academic Challenge is to continue the achievements of the Google Online Marketing Challenge, the last edition of which took place in 2017. Similarly to the GOMC, the GOMAC allows students to gain practical experience in planning and conducting a real campaign for a real company at real costs. Thanks to this, students have the opportunity to gain real experience in the real market still in the walls of the university. In addition, unlike the GOMC, which was limited to running a campaign with a limited budget of 250 USD exclusively on the Google Ads platform (AdWords), as part of the GOMAC, students have all the space of digital technologies available at a given time at their disposal (devices, applications, platforms, channels, etc.) that they can use to plan an integrated digital marketing campaign and its real implementation.

Wojciech Czart is a member of the Global Academic Panel of Google, jury of the Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge of the Marketing EDGE foundation (Educate, Develop, Grow, and Employ) and the GOMAC planning committee. As an official coach of the Internet Revolutions, together with Google he co-organised workshops, also supported by the UAM Careers Service. Wojciech Czart also gives lectures and workshops at reputable universities in Europe.