Summer Integration Party

Once every few months, Tandem pub changes into a place where there are NO STRANGERS - It's integration time! We don't spend the evening just with old friends - we meet new people, play games, drink and have a great time! Let's welcome summer at Tandem pub!

Summer Integration Party
Summer Integration Party

More information:

On Friday, June 2nd we organise a HUGE event!

You come to a bar and it would be a bit weird to join a group of strangers, wouldn't it?

In the club, you usually dance with your friends (at least at the beginning).


Our idea is simple - we want EVERYONE, Poles and foreigners to interact with each other to create the best party ever! Downstairs there will be space to play lots of funny games :)

At this event we break down all the barriers!

We talk with different people, we get to know lots of people and have a great time together!

There will be music, there will be cheap beers, there will be EVERYTHING you need to enjoy your time! And the party is on Saturday - no need to get up early next day! :)

We invite everyone - whether you are self-confident or shy, tall or short, sporty or nerdy :D

For businessmen it will be a great opportunity to network, everyone will find something for themselves!

TANDEM pub is a spacious place, with lots of seats both inside and outside. There's also a dancefloor!

We start at 8:00 p.m., we finish... who knows :D?


02.06, Friday, TANDEM pub - see you! :)


For people on the facebook list (going): FREE

all the rest: 5zł