Brno and Poznań - the year 2018 full of meetings and events

In 2018 the delegation of Poznań attended the tourist fair Regiontour in Brno (January, 18-21). Then, the representatives of Brno presented the tourist attractions of the capital of Moravia at the Tour Salon Fair 2018 in Poznań (February, 9-11).

Brno was also one of the exhibitors at the Poznań Book Fair (March, 23-25). 

Spring in Brno traditionnally passed under the sign of the "Days of the Polish Culture in Brno". The "Days of Czech Culture in Poznań" on 13-21 October 2018.

20th anniversary of cooperation between Rennes and Poznań

On April 20, 2018 the main celebrations of the 20th anniversary of sister cities cooperation with Rennes were held in Poznań. At the same time, the House of Brittany (Dom Bretanii) in Poznań, an "ambassador" of relations between Poznań and Rennes and the Wielkopolska and the Brittany Region, celebrated its 25th anniversary of creation.

The Ambassador of France, Mr Pierre Lévy and numerous delegations from Rennes and Brittany took part in the celebrations. The leaders of the delegation of Rennes were the Deputy Mayor Mrs Jocelyne Bougeard and the Municipal and Metropolitan Councillor Mrs Anabel Marie. The celebrations were also attended by the delegations of the Ille-et-Vilaine Department and of the Regional Council of Brittany, as well as by the members of the Brittany-Poland Association, including mayors and other representatives of breton cities and communes twinned with municipalities in the Wielkopolska Region.

The guests attended the street-naming ceremony in honour of Ferdinand Foch. Marshal Foch was a great friend of Poles, who contributed to rebirth of Poland after the Ist World War.

Then the French and Polish delegations took part in an international debate on the possibilites and tools of cooperation between cities and regions and involvement of citizens in the strategic planning of the developpment of cities and regions.

The delegation of Rennes also visited the Centre for Family Initiatives to exchange experiences about the pro-family policies, including the services for large families.


The Metropolitan City of Bologna (Italy) is the new sister city of Poznań

On December, 5, 2017 Poznań and the Metropolitan City of Bologna officially became sister cities.


Music festival in Rennes

On 4-6 March 2016 Przodki, a traditional music ensemble from Poznań took part in the Sevenadur festival in Rennes.  The musicians from Poznań gave several concerts for the residents of Rennes and suburbs. They also conducted the Polish dances workshops.

The organizers were the City of Rennes, the Cercle Celtique de Rennes and the Brittany-Poland association.

The project was co-financed with the "small grant" of the City Development Department of the City of Poznań.  

The 50th anniversary of twinning between Brno and Poznań



Young hip hop dancers triumphed in Rennes

On 22-25 October 2015 representatives of the Ewa Johansen "Talent" Foundation from Poznań participated in a Polish-French-Czech-German exchange and integration of young hip hop groups. Poznań was represented by two talented dancers Piotr Szwarc and Jakub Kamiński and a coordinator from the foundation, Mrs. Justyna Piskorska.

The exchange was organized because the City of Rennes had invited delegations from its twin cities, Poznań, Brno (Czech Republic) and Erlangen (Germany) to attend, together with their new colleagues from Rennes, the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of twinning between Rennes and Brno. One of the main events was the international hip hop "battle".

The two dancers from Poznań gave top level performances winning the admiration of the audience - the youth from Rennes, Brno, Erlangen, representatives of the authorities of Rennes, local associations and committies for foreign relations and residents of Rennes. Piotr Szwarc, together with a colleague from Rennes, became the winner of the contest. Jakub Kamiński, with a representative of Brno, was second.

The participation of dancers from Poznań was an excellent promotion of the city and of the twinning between Rennes and Poznań. Another important aspect of the visit was the integration of the youth from European countries.

The Organizers were the town twinning committies for the cooperation of  Rennes with Poznań, Brno and Erlangen and the International House of Rennes (Maison Internationale de Rennes).

The visit in Rennes had been made possible owing to a small grant awarded by the Poznań City Hall.

Quality of life of the elderly and youth unemployment, exchange of experiences between Nottinghamshire and Poznań

13-16 February 2015, John Clarke (Nottinghamshire County Councillor, Gedling Borough Council Leader, member of the Police Authority), Michael Payne (Deputy Leader of Gedling Borough Council) and Malcolm Matthews (retired coordinator of international cooperation) came on a study visit to Poznań.

The aim was the exchange of good practices on issues like care for the elderly and youth unemployment. These topics were discussed at meetings with the Deputy Mayor, Jakub Jędrzejewski, the Director of Health and Social Issues Department, Maria Remiezowicz and the Director of the Centre for Senior Citizens Initiatives, Wojciech Bauer.

The guests from Nottinghamshire visited the Centre of Continuing and Practical Education.

New scholarships of Shenzhen for Poznań

The City of Shenzhen has offered new scholarships which will allow 2 representatives of Poznań, students or graduates, to study for one year in Shenzhen. An open contest was launched on 23 January 2015. The two laureates will be known until April 2015.


Silver Seals of the City of Poznań for mayors of sister cities

On June 29, 2014, the Mayor of Poznań awarded Silver Seals of the City of Poznań to mayors of Brno and Győr in recognition of their merits for cooperation with Poznań.

Mr Roman Onderka was first elected mayor of Brno in 2006. Currently he serves also as member of the Government Council for Sustainable Development and takes part in work and activities of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe. Thanks to Mr Mayor's support partnership between Brno and Poznań develops dynamically, especially in the fields of education and culture. Since 2011 the capital of the Moravian Region organizes and hosts the Days of Polish Culture, initiated as part of the 45th anniversary of partnership. Local organizations of Poznań and Brno cooperate actively, namely: the Masaryk University with the Adam Mickiewicz University, the Jiri Mahen Library with Raczyńskich Library, one of the schools of Brno with the School "Łejery". The association "Polonus" represents Polish citizens living in Brno. Relations between Brno and Poznań are supported by the Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic in Poznań.

Mr Zsolt Borkai had been elected mayor of Győr also in 2006. He was member of the Hungarian parliament in 2010-2014. Mr Borkai is the Chairman of the Hungarian Olympic Committee. He won gold medals in gymnastics at the World Championship's and Olympic Games. Owing to good cooperation with Győr, Poznań had the privilege to organize the Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day in 2011. For several years youth representing Poznań has been participating  in the international Kids' Olympics in Győr. On a regular basis Poznań is invited to take part in the Book Fair in Győr. One of the main partners of Poznań is also the Self-Government of the Polish Minority in Győr, voluntary organization promoting actively Polish culture and traditions and Poznań itself.

Shenzhen Universiade International Scholarships awarded

On April 9th, 2014, two laureates from Poznań were awarded scholarships of the City of Shenzhen, at the end of the 3rd stage of an open contest. 11 people applied to receive Shenzhen Universiade International Scholarship, four best candidates qualified for the last stage.   

Scholarships were awarded to:

- student of Sinology (first year of studies of secong degree) at Adam Mickiewicz University, her project is to study in Shenzhen business Chinese, because she intends to create Polish-Chinese Trade Dictionary;

PhD student in Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology of Adam Mickiewicz University. Thanks to scholarship in Shenzhen she wishes to carry out research about migration from Western countries to China.

Two grants of Shenzhen Universiade International Scholarship Foundation had been offered for representatives of Poznan on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of cooperation between Shenzhen and Poznań.

Official visit to Poznań of Mr. XU Qin, Mayor of Shenzhen

On March 20-21, 2014 the Mayor of Shenzhen, Mr. XU Qin paid an official visit to Poznań, accompanied by representatives of administration, Shenzhen University, businessmen and media. On this occasion, four agreements were officially concluded, namely: 

  • Agreement on friendly exchange and cooperation between the cities: Shenzhen (People's Republic of China) and Poznań (Republic of Poland) for years 2014-2017;
  • Memorandum on friendly exchange and cooperation in cultural and creative industry between Shenzhen and Poznań;
  • Agreement for student exchange between Shenzhen University and Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań;
  • Agreement between Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) in Shenzhen and medical centre Neomedica in Poznań.

Possibilites of cooperation were also discussed during meetings with authorities of the Adam Mickiewicz University, University of Arts and the Poznań International Fair.

In Poznań City Hall a young talent from Shenzhen, Ms. Zhang Zuo, performed a mini piano recital.

Brno and Győr participated in the book fair in Poznań

From February 28 to March 2nd guests from twin cities Brno and Győr took part in the Poznań Trade Fair Meetings - Books for Children and Young People.

The fairs were attended by  representatives of the Jiri Mahen Library from Brno and of the Municipal Museum of Győr.

On February 28th First Lady of the Republic of Poland Mrs. Anna Komorowska visited the stands of Brno and Győr.

Call for support for Ukraine

In reaction to dramatic events in Ukraine, on February 21st the Mayor of Poznań called for support for Ukraine:

Similarly as most Poznań resident, I am following the events in Ukraine and the crisis in which our Eastern Neighbour is immersing into, with great worry. In view of the facts that are reaching us, we can see what magnitude of problems Ukrainians are struggling with to strive for respect for their elementary liberties.

I observed the path of Ukraine to democratic Europe with great satisfaction, both in the global and local scale cooperating with the partner Kharkov. I expected our Ukrainian neighbours to shortly join the members of the European Union and along with us, in the European Union, develop their own future.

Messages which we receive, not only media, are not encouraging. The conflict is gaining a more and more dramatic character, people are dying.

No mandate gives the authorities the right to shoot at their own citizens, who are expressing their opposition to their moves. If history is to teach us something, then just this, that you cannot enforce your own will to anyone by using violence, not nowadays.

That is why I appeal for dialog to replace violence, for resuming talks and for both parties to the conflict to find a peaceful solution.

I believe that the future of Ukraine shall be developed by it's own residents by way of democratic and peaceful procedures. I believe that nobody else will have to pay the highest price for the values which are obvious to everyone.

Today, Ukrainians need every gesture of support from us, a signal that Poles are with them and that they are supporting their fight for democracy and freedom of choosing their own future.

Ryszard Grobelny
The Mayor of Poznań


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Call for scholarships' candidates

On February 21st the Faculty of Modern Languages and Literatures of Adam Mickiewicz University announced call for candidates to two scholarships granted to Poznań by the City of Shenzhen on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of twin cities' cooperation.

More information: http://wn.amu.edu.pl/strona-glowna/content-wneo-glowny/oferta-stypendiow-miasta-shenzhen-chiny

The Mayor of Poznań concerned about the situation in Ukraine

In a letter to Mr. Gennadiy Kernes the Mayor of Kharkiv, dated January 23, 2014, the Mayor of Poznań Mr. Ryszard Grobelny expressed his concern about deterioration of the situation in Ukraine. 

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Mr. Dimitri Kopaliani has been elected the new Mayor of the City of Kutaisi (Georgia). Mr. Kopaliani who will replace Mr. Besik Bregadze, graduated from University of Michigan and has a PhD in Management Information Technology, Lawrence Tech. University, Southfield MI, USA. He was born in Kutaisi, is 43 years old, of which he spent 20 years abroad, he has three children, his wife is American.



On June 6th at the stadium Przywodny Rataje Complex, os. Piastowskie 106A, the second edition of international student football tournament EUROASMUS AND FRIENDS CUP 2013 tOOK place.

One pitch, students from all over the world, unforgettable emotions!

10 national teams with at least 6 players played: Switzerland (Winner of the Games), Georgia, Germany, Jamaica, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, DS (Dormitory) No.1 from Poznań and DS (Dormitory) "Jowita" from Poznań.

Team from Georgia played in group with: Poland, Spain, Turkey and DS 1.

United we play, united we support, united we enjoy!


In the frames of Polsih Aid - Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2013 project "Partners Against Exclusion. Exchange of Experience Between Poznań and Kutaisi in the Field of Support for Disabled Persons" six specialists from Poznań met their counterparts and partners from ngo's in the City of Kutaisi. The re-visit is planned for September 2013.


Mr. Ioseb Otskheli (Kutaisi, Georgia) has graduated from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Mr. Otskheli spent his last two years in Poznań studying Information Technologies. He has been awarded scholarship from the cities of Poznań and Kutaisi.

We wish Mr. Otskheli success in his professional and private life!



We had a possibility to exchange our experience in the field of municipal transportation and organization of Days of Entrepreneurship.

Delegations consisted of the Vice Mayor Mrs. Sevdia Ugrekhelidze and representatives of departments of the City Hall. They had occassion to meet their couterparts from the Poznań City Hall, visit MPK (Municipal Transportation Company), MTP (Poznań International Fair) as well as learn about local biggest investors and projects.

Tbilisi, a fast growing capital draws foreign investments and develops its capacity of organization of big events, also for own citizens.


This is a good occasion to meet friends of Poznań-Győr cooperation.

Main celebrations of the Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day will be accompanied by a number of side events. The Hungarian and Polish Presidents, representatives of governments from both countries, NGOs, academic institutions and associations of Polish minority take part in the ceremony.

(From Hungarian News Agency (MTI)

"The notion of Polish-Hungarian friendship must be preserved by future generations, Hungarian President Janos Ader said in Tarnow in Southern Poland on Saturday.

Ader said at an event celebrating the day of Polish-Hungarian friendship that General Bem, who was born in Tarnow in 1794, is today considered a national hero in both Hungary and Poland because he fought for the freedom of both countries.

Poland and Hungary need not fight for freedom anymore because they are both equal members in an important alliance, Ader said. However, it is a joint responsibility of people in both countries to preserve the thousand-year old friendship that exists between Poland and Hungary, he added.

March 23 was declared the day of Polish-Hungarian friendship by the parliaments of both countries in 2007 and they take turns in celebrating the event each year.

Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski said next year's celebrations will be held in the Hungarian city of Eger.

Earlier in the day, the presidents laid wreaths at the Bem Mausoleum of Tarnow.

Ader met students at the Jagiellonian University of Kraków on Saturday morning.

In a speech, he said young people should travel abroad to see the world and even work abroad for some time, but they should never forget about their country of birth."


Poznań Trade Fair Meetings Books for Children and Young People is the most important event in Poland which hosts the youngest literature lovers and the authors of books for children and young people. This year's edition took place from 15th to 17th March 2013.

Children and youth as well as their parents are the target audience. Poznań Trade Fair Meetings attract also great interest of professionals - writers, illustrators, editors, translators, book-sellers, librarians, teachers and scientific circles. They take place along with the biggest in Poland Education Fair.

During Poznań Trade Fair Meetings books and reading books are promoted in various ways. The exhibition is accompanied by a variety of additional events.
They include conferences, discussion panels, meetings with authors, workshops for children, shows and competitions. The amazing impact of books can be best seen during activities for children organized at the fair: at exhibition stands, within workshop space arranged in a special way and at the stage.

In 2013 special guests were representatives of partner cities: Brno (Czech Republic) and Győr (Hungary). Jiri Mahen Library in Brno is a partner of Raczynski Library in Poznan. Years of common projects let us speak of employees and readers as real friends.

Győr was represented traditionally not only by Municipal Museum, but also by a representative of Polish Minority, that strongly supports Poznań-Győr partnership. Art workshops and exhibition of illustrations for children was prepared by a young artist Ms. Zsuzska Farkas.



Between February, 13-15 Poznań hosted official representatives of the Kharkiv City Council who are responsible for the road maintenance, investments and work of municipal entities.

Together with their Polish counterparts they

-visited emergent repair works on municipal utilities networks

-technical equipping of services engaged in emergent repair works  - system of monitoring emergency situations

-maintenance of street network and roads in autumn/winter period

-observed work of traffic system

-discussed standard and financial indicators of municipal budgets as for the improvement of territories and roads


From 8 to 12 November 2012, at the invitation of the Győr authorities, the delegation representing Poznań during the 12th Book Fair and Exhibition stayed in this Hungarian Partner City of Poznań.

The fair was attended by representatives of the Poznań City Hall and Olcha Wierzbowska-Sikorska, Vice-President of the Polish Association of Book Publishers, and Jan Stryjski, Deputy Director of the "Posnania" Municipal Publishing House.  

Representatives of Poznań had a meeting with the city authorities and guests from 7 other Partner Cities of Győr who participated in the fair - Erfurt (Germany), Ingolstadt (Germany), Sindelfingen (Germany), Brasov (Roumania), Kuopio (Finland), Colmar (France) i Wuhan (China). Books for the exhibition were provided by the Zysk & S-ka Publishing House, the "Posnania" Municipal Publishing House and the Media Rodzina Publishing House. In addition, the tourist attractions of Poznań were presented.  This year's fair, organised in the National Theatre, was attended by many visitors.

Within the exhibition "Illustration Salon", the Museum in Győr showed the most interesting pieces by young Polish illustrators, which in March this year were presented during the Poznań Trade Fair Meetings - Books for Children and Young People. During the vernissage in the Museum there was the premiere presentation of the book of legends adapted by Olcha Wierzbowska-Sikorska and illustrated by a Hungarian artist. The volume, published by the Polish Minority Self-Government in Győr, with the support of the Provincial Local Government of Győr, features the legend of the Poznań Town Hall goats and of the iron rooster in Győr. The event attracted the interest of the local media.

Meetings with the Polish community in Győr constituted an important part of the visit. On 11 November representatives of Poznań and the Polish Minority Self-Government in Győr laid flowers before the Polish-Hungarian Friendship Monument. The delegation from the City of Poznań also attended a Polish music concert organised within the 6th Festival of Polish Music in Győr.


11-15 July 2012 - The Deputy Mayor of Poznań, Dariusz Jaworski, and the President of the Education Committee of Poznań City Council, Jan Chudobiecki, have participated in a seminar summarising the cooperation between Wielkopolska and Brittany, established during martial law in Poland.
It is worth recalling that from 1981 to 1994 trucks were sent from Brittany to Poland with gifts offered by Bretons, touched by the call for help for the Polish people published in the Ouest-France daily. 1993 saw Brittany House being set up in Poznań, and in 1998 Poznań and Rennes signed a memorandum of cooperation. Since 2005, Wielkopolska and Brittany have been bound by a partnership agreement.

During the seminar in Rennes and St Brice-en-Cogles, discussion was held on achievements, experience gained, mutual expectations and new methods of cooperation. Among the issues discussed were the involvement of young people in cooperation between the cities and communes, the practical arrangements for the cooperation, and the formation of a European identity.

The representatives of the City of Poznań, the Wielkopolska Centre for Local-Government Education and Studies, of Brittany House, and a group of Local-Government leaders from 12 communes of Wielkopolska, and from the Ukrainian region Vinnytsia and the German city Erlangen, had a meeting, among others, with the regional and city authorities and the members of the diplomatic corps. They attended a ceremony presenting Mrs Gracie Léon and Mr Jean Meinnel, distinguished in cooperation between Brittany and Wielkopolska, with Orders of Merit of the Republic of Poland. On 14 July in Rennes, they had an opportunity to watch the parade within the celebrations of the French National Day from the VIP stand. A French-Polish Mass concluding an all-day fest organised in Retiers was an important element in the visit.

The meetings were organised by the Brittany-Poland Association in Rennes, in cooperation with Rennes City, the Brittany Region, the Poznań-Rennes Cooperation Committee, and communes of Brittany.

The next meeting, with the purpose of seeking new directions and boosting cooperation between Poland and Brittany, is planned in Poznań and in communes of Wielkopolska in 2013. 


On May 19-20, 2012 an International Swimming Competition of Twin Cities, "Majove Brno" for athletes born between 1999/2000 took place in Brno. Poznań was represented by young swimmers from Warta Poznań sports club. Their opponents came to Brno from eight countries for example from Russia, France, Hungary and Germany. The races were held in a 50-meter Olympic pool, used for regular trainings by swimmers of the Kometa Club - host and main organizer of the event. Another important aspect of the visit of Poznan's representatives in Brno was the integration with young people from other European cities.


On April 4, 2012, a final meeting of the project "Brama języków otwarta" (Gate to languages opened) took place in Brno. This polish-czech project implemented by the Raczyńskich Library in Poznań and the Jiri Mahen in Brno was aimed to introduce John Amos Comenius - educator, Protestant philosopher and reformer - to the younger generation, to motivate language learners and to search for common European roots and values. In the framework of the "Days of Polish Culture in Brno" the Raczyńskich Library presented an exhibition, "Teacher of Nations", and the LeŻak students drama group from Leszno performed in the play "Visual World in Images by Comenius".


"Brno in Comics" - short stories about places in Brno and surroundings were exhibited as part of the IIIrd International Comics Culture Festival, in April 2012.   


One of the biggest tourism trade fairs in Central Europe - GO/REGIONTOUR - took place from 12 to 15 January 2012 in Brno.
 The GO section of the fair was devoted to foreign destinations and REGIONTOUR promoted regional tourism in Czech Republic (especially in Moravia) and Slovakia. Together with other 10 twin cities of Brno, Poznań presented its tourist offer, as guest of the Municipality, at the REGIONTOUR trade fair.
According to a preliminary report published by the Organizer the GO/REGIONTOUR fair, with 10,400 square meters of exhibition surface, was visited by nearly 30,000 people. Foreign visitors came from 12 countries, most of all from Slovakia, Germany, Poland and Croatia.
391 journalists were accredited in the Press Center, including 23 representatives of hungarian, austrian, russian and slovakian media.
The Fair was officially opened - on 12 January 2012 - by the Mayor of Brno Roman Onderka, who then visited the partner cities' stand. In several quizzes prepared by the Brno City Strategy Office visitors were responding to various questions on Brno and its twin cities.



- the presentation of the local and regional solutions, the exchange of the experiences and the good practices between authorities and educational institutions in the field of cultural education at schools and strengthening and development of the bilateral cooperation between the partner towns.

As a consequence of the studio visits and the exchange of the experiences, the partners drew up a guide of the cultural education best practices, which was promoted and presented at the international conference in Győr and which will be distributed among the educational institutions in both regions.
Establishment of the cultural relations between the educational institutions will create a potential for the cultural cooperation between the regions and will strengthen
the Polish-Hungarian intercultural dialogue.
These activities may result in the improvement of the educational offer at schools due to the cultural lessons for students and may indicate different ways of involving students in organizing cultural activities.
In the future the partners would like to extend the cooperation and make use of the relations established during this project to organize the series of the cultural events referring to the Polish-Hungarian cultural heritage, in which a leading part will be played by students.

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On the 10th of November 2010 in the NATO HQ in Brussels took place the celebrations
of the Polish National Day. It is the tradition of the Permanent Delegation
of the  Republic of Poland to NATO each year to present particular Polish city and region. This year's celebrations were dedicated to the promotion of the city of  Poznań, the 31st Air Base in Poznań-Krzesiny, as well as the Land Forces Training Centre. During the meeting that gathered around 400 guests, the city of Poznań had the opportunity to promote itself and present regional cuisine represented inter alia by St. Martin's croissant. The celebrations were attended by representatives of the diplomatic corps, the International Sekretariat,
the International Military as well as eurodeputees, Polish journalists accredited to the Polish Representation in Brussels and the local media. The artistic part of the celebration was led by an orchestra form the city of Geetbets.


Győr - Hungarian partner city of Poznań organizes every Autumn International Book Exhibition. In the Xth edition (5-7. November 2010) representatives of Poznań were:

- Mrs. Olcha Sikorska, vicepresident of Polish Association of Book Publishers,

- Mrs. Elżbieta Krygowska - Butlewska, illustrator, owner of the Mila Publishing House,

- Mr. Jan Stryjski, deputy head of Municipal Publishing House of Poznań.

Apart from the stand our representatives prepared workshops for children and exhibition of illustrations. Author - Mrs. Elżbieta Krygowska - Butlewska regularly illustrates books and exhibits her works. She inherited talend after her father, who specializes in stained glass. Her drawings, paintings and illustrations were shown in Poland, USA, Turkey, former Yugoslavia, Canada. She has won numerous awards and diplomas of recognition.

The exhibition, taking place in the Hall of the Esterházy Palace (Gyor City Art Museum), will be opened by December 5th. It is most willingly visited by kindergartens and young illustrators.


Between October 26th and November 1st the Dąbrówka High School & Gymnasium hosted guests of the Comenius project "Europe on board!". Among them there were students and teachers from Spain (IES José de Churriguera), Italy (Liceo Classico Statale Antonio Gramsci) and Germany (Ratsgymnasium Rheda-Wiedenbrück). On Friday, October 29th they met Deputy Mayor Mr. Jerzy Stępień in the City Hall and could hear about the system of administration in our City.


As every year also in 2010 the City of Poznan invited its twin cities to show their touristic potential during yearly Tour Salon - Trade Fair of Regions and Tourist Products. This year between October 20th and 23rd we hosted:

- Brno (Czech Republic) - stand prepared in the frames of Czech Tourism,
- Kharkov (Ukraine) and
- Kutaisi (Georgia).

The stands have been visited not only by professionals and public, but also by special guests: First Deputy Mayor of Poznan, Wiceconsul of the General Russian Consulate in Poznan, Secretary of teh City of Poznan, Chief of Protocol of the Ukrainian Honorary Consulate and Director of Poznan Local Tourist Organization.

Apart from the fair our guests have visited castle in Kórnik and palace in Rogalin, saw the new Poznań ity Stadium and took part in a cultural programme (II European Meeting of Jazz Traditionalists).

As a rule representatives of Poznań are also invited to partner cities' tourism fairs, conferences and study visits for tour operators.


 The project aims at enhancing the activities of local government in Kutaisi (Georgia), primarily in local government cooperation with NGOs, and the exchange of experiences between Poznan and Kutaisi.
In September and October 2010, six trainees from  Kutaisi have  the two-month internship in Poznan. They are the representatives of the City  Hall in Kutaisi and the Local Democracy Agency in Kutaisi. Trainees will be trained in the creation and management of projects and cooperation with NGOs.
The project has received funding of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Polish Foreign Assistance. Project partner on the Polish side is the Foundation Partners for Local Government.
This is the second edition of internships for Georgians in Poznan. Last year, the first group of officials from the Kutaisi, the partner city of Poznan, they gained experience in the City Hall improving service quality.
Kutaisi is  second the largest city of Georgia, the administrative center of the province of Imereti, and also an important center for science, culture and industry.

16-18 SEPTEMBER 2010

From September 16 to 18 Poznań hosted the European Cooperation Forum Poznań- Hannover - Rennes. This year's edition for the fourth time has created a platform to debate, with the twin cities of Poznań, on the issues of urban space development.
The first meeting of the Forum was organized in Poznań, in 2007, on June 25 and 26, at the initiative of the President of Poznań. The main objective of the meeting was to discuss the role of cities in the policy of the united Europe. The meeting was held under the patronage
of Hans-Gert Pöttering, the President of the European Parliament.
After discussion and allocutions by the representatives of many institutions, the Forum concluded with the signing of the common Declaration on the municipal governments' role
in the European integration process.
The second meeting took place on 20-22 November 2008 in Rennes and was dedicated to the cultural politics of European cities. The participants from Rennes, Poznań and Hannover were invited not only to debate but also to present the cultural offer of their cities.
Another meeting was held in Hannover on 25-26 November 2009. The theme of that conference was the role of universities in the life of the city. Poznań was represented by the Deputy Mayor and delegates from three largest universities. This meeting provided
an excellent opportunity to showcase international relations of the universities
and to present the mode of knowledge transfer to the economy.
The 4th edition of the forum dealed with the issue of the role of sports in the life of the city.
Among different aspects of citizens' physical activity the participants underlined the importance of the integration dimension of sport and its value for the municipal policies against social exclusion.
The representatives of Rennes and Hannover took part in a seminar organized by the Municipality of Poznań, visited the Municipal Stadium and the EURO 2012 accomodation and training Centre in Opalenica.
The Forum in Poznań was attended by:
Bernd Strauch - Deputy Mayor of Hannover,
Christian Schaefer - Director of Sports Centres and Pools Department, City of Hannover,
Lillian Ropert - Coordinator of the Eastern Sector of Rennes Agglomeration, Sports Department, City of Rennes.
The City of Poznań was represented by the Deputy Mayor, Mr. Sławomir Hinc.


Poznań is one of music centres renown in Europe: there are music schools of all levels of education, music associations, we host international competitions.
An international phenomenon is number of remarkable violinmaking workshops, boys' choirs and the Museum of Music Instruments.
Along with this fact the city has prepared a music workshop for the representatives of the City of Kutaisi (Georgia) - three students of music schools with a teacher.
The workshop planned between September 18th and 26th includes classes at the Mieczysław Karłowicz Music High School, visits: in the F. Nowowiejski Musical Salon; museums, libraries, violin making workshop, Fara church (meeting with the organist) etc.
On the photo: Giorgi Sajaia from Kutaisi playing piano in the F.Nowowiejski Musical Salon.


On Wednesday, September 8th a group of students from Charnivtsi/ Ukraine together with their colleagues from the 65th grammar school in Poznań met the first Deputy Mayor Mr. Tomasz Kayser and visited the Poznań City Hall.
After an introduction to the history and present of Poznań by Mr. Kayser - students presented songs in Ukrainian, Polish, German and Romanian. As Mrs. Łucja Uszakowa, their teacher of Polish explained, this part of Ukraine is known for multiculturalism, therefore many cultures and languages mix and childer are taught tolleration from their earliest years.
Children have been invited to our city by the Lvov Lovers' Association.


Group of young football players from Poznań got IVth place in the International Football Tournment of Partner Cities. 16-year-old boys represented Centre for Sport Education for Young People in XXXI High School.

Apart from Poznań represented were teams: Nizhnyy Novgorod, "Olimpik" Donyetsk, "Arsenal" Kharkiv, "UFK" Kharkiv, Byelgorod, "Metallist" Kharkiv and "Zimbru" Kishynev.


Every year in August Gyor becomes the scene for most colorful baroque events: concerts, sport games, markets etc. City dwellers wander in costumes, kids play ancient games. All visitors become eyewitnesses to the fairy tale baroque wedding ceremony in which a real engaged couple vows everlasting faithfulness to each other.

This year the gift from Poznań became concert in the park on Rado Island (Gyor) by a group of four young artists from the Mieczysław Karłowicz Music High School in Poznań. "Jeune Quartett" played baroque music in this romantic atmosphere. Then delegation from Poznan, led by councillor Mr. Jan Chudobiecki had also occasion to visit the city and take part in other celebrations.


Fifteen students and three art teachers from partner cities: Brno, Kharkov and Jyvaskyla participated in the "Summer Art Service".

"Summer Art Service" is a workshop run by artists specialising in visual arts. It takes place in a Cytadela park, where children paint, draw and create spatial objects using various and often unconventional materials such as scrap metal, industrial waste, etc.

"Summer Art Service" is an initiative dating back to 2000. It is a yearly event for young and little artists from Poznań and abroad, organised between July and August by the Children's Art Centre.

In 2010 apart from the workshops in the park children participate in:
-workshops run in "KontenerART" (mobile independent cultural center),
-art Classes at the National Art Museum "Forgers of art pieces",
-educational programme in the New ZOO Garden, where they'll arrive by Park Railway Maltanka,
-city tour with a guide,
-trip to museum - studio of Arkady Fiedler in Puszczykowo.