Smart City Poznan

Smart City Poznan is a dynamic and future-oriented city deeply rooted in the activities of its conscious and creative residents who can decide for themselves.

Throughout 2019 the Smart City Team worked on the concept of smart city. The Team successfully developed a document which for the internal purposes was called Poznan's Smart City Model. The Team catalogued and identified over 150 projects. The direction of development of Poznan and essential measures to improve the quality of the life of the city residents was taken into account. The Model focuses on the city residents. All the efforts will be continually taken to make Poznan the most comfortable, friendly, and modern city.

Our interdisciplinary Smart City Team has performed a comprehensive analysis of the existing projects and highlighted six areas:

  • smart living,
  • smart economy,
  • smart environment,
  • smart community,
  • smart mobility,
  • smart digital city.

Those areas fulfil criteria of integration, innovation, inclusiveness, and technological advancement. Smart living because we get things done in a fast and efficient way. We also provide safe and equal access to all public services. Smart economy as we create favourable conditions for entrepreneurship and innovation. We endorse and promote various forms of business. Smart environment as we take good care of Poznan's green potential. While developing a city, we use its environmental resources in a balanced way. We raise awareness and provide education about ecology. Smart community as we develop the city together with residents. We make use of our high-level social capital and new technologies. Smart mobility as we create modern, integrated, and ecological forms of public transport providing the residents with an efficient way to move around the city and its areas. Smart digital city as we administer the data in a safe and coherent way. We improve administration processes and benefit from IT systems. 

Each action undertaken in those areas as well as the defined goals are compatible with the Development Strategy for the City of Poznan 2020+. What is more, Poznan's Smart City Model is used in daily development and the growth of the our city. We try to meet every challenge in a smarter way.

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