About College

The College of Education and Therapy was founded as the first non-public higher education institution in Poznań to teach physiotherapists. The goal of its founders, professor Kazimiera Milanowska, MD, PhD, and Violetta Musa, MA, was to create a higher medical education institution.The College of Education and Therapy was formed in February 2005 and entered by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education into the register of non-state higher education institutions and associations of non-state higher education institutions under the number 315. 

Our College  offers three study programmes in English, namely: M.Sc. Physiotherapy, Postgraduate M.Sc. Physiotherapy and  B.Sc. Cosmetology

The College of Education and Therapy co-operates with outside stakeholders in terms of modernisation, standardisation and adjustment of curricula and subjects of studies for educational needs of the College.

The agreements in place are performed through:

  • joint creation of curricula of studies at the College and their implementation with the use of equipment and staff,
  • writing BA and MA theses and scientific studies on the basis of the equipment lent for use,
  • joint solution of technological and research problems relating to equipment, e.g. testing the equipment before marketing it,
  • carrying out joint research in the fields specified on an ongoing basis by the parties,
  • organisational activities and enterprises supporting the transfer of technologies,
  • seeking sources of finance for the teaching, organisational, scientific and research activities,
  • organisation of scientific conferences, consultations and courses

The graduates are the best ambassadors of the College - their opinions and careers count most.

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