WSB University in Poznań

WSB University in Poznań is a non-state higher education institution. It was founded in 1994 as the first of the nine WSB Universities that currently make up Poland's largest group of higher education institutions. The mission of WSB University in Poznań is expressed in the following words: Partners in developing professional careers.

We aim to be partners for our students, graduates and employees by building friendly relationships and creating opportunities for exchanging and sharing ideas. We create opportunities for their professional and personal development by providing educational and organizational support. We make sure our students are equipped with skills and competencies that meet the labor market requirements. We make sure that our graduates equipped with practical skills pursue their professional careers in all walks of life. We help our faculty enhance their teaching skills and provide conditions for their involvement in research projects. We make sure our administrative staff benefit from the development opportunities that the University provides.

From its very beginning WSB University in Poznań has been consistently ranked among the top non-state higher education institutions in Poland.

WSB's rich product portfolio includes: first-cycle (Bachelor's) and second-cycle (Master's) programs; postgraduate courses; the Executive Master of Business Administration program; the Master of Business Administration program; language courses; professional training courses; the University of All Ages.

WSB University in Poznań cooperates with over 50 partner universities from all around the world.

WSB University in Poznań the first higher education institution in Poland to receive accreditation from the IACBE, an American accrediting organization, in recognition of the academic excellence of its business programs in Finance and Accounting, and Management.

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Program offerings at WSB University in Poznan

Study in Polish - Bachelor's Degree programs


Internal Security

Finance and Accounting (IACBE accredited)

International Trade

Information Technology

Management (IACBE accredited)

Engineering Management


Business Law

Tourism and Recreation

Psychology in Business

Study in Polish - Master's Degree programs

Finance and Accounting (IACBE accredited)

Management (IACBE accredited)

Tourism and Recreation


Study in English

Bachelor's degree program in Management with two specializations in International Business, and Entrepreneurship

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