About Collegium da Vinci

"He who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast" - Leonardo Da Vinci.

Collegium Da Vinci is the modern type of university which serves as a career-accelerator facilitating the road from being a student to being a man (or woman) of business.

Collegium Da Vinci values revolve around the legacy of one of the greatest minds that has ever lived. Our students create and represent the ideal fusion of knowledge with practice, according to Leonardo's message. In the mod¬ern world where innovation empowers change we like to think of our Collegium Da Vinci as a StartUp! Opportunityfor people of all ages. We believe that only constant testing of our skills and strengths against the dynamically changing environment, gives us an opportunity to succeed.

We remain proud of our university's achievements over the last two decades. We continue to stand out as the oldest private university in the Wielkopolska region. Our years of expertise in teaching people of all ages, tradi¬tions, qualified staff, and modern facilities make our degree diplomas a valuable asset in the eyes of employers around Poland and beyond.

The Collegium Da Vinci in Poznań, Poland (CDV) is the oldest private university in Poznań. Throughout the first 20 years of existence on the Higher Education map of Poland it has attract¬ed some 12, 000 students and it continues to enroll hundreds more each year. Now, as it has undergone a rebranding process to better fill the needs of our dynamically changing job market, Collegium Da Vinci has proudly established its position in the university sector with a unique range of study at B.A , MA. and Postgraduate Diploma level.

CDV program offer is closely interconnected with relevant institutions and companies in Poland and abroad, to cre¬ate a practical curriculum, based on economic forecasts and the development of the job market in the world. That is why CDV places such an emphasis on practical classes led by valued professionals and potential future employers. CDV Flexible Study Paths give our students opportunities to combine their professional and family commitments.

Students finishing their Bachelor's Degree at CDV, either full-time or extra-mural (part-time), receive a Bachelor of Arts or Engineering (IT). At present the following Majors are being offered:


Urban Management

Information Technology


Creative Management

Consulting and Coaching


Developmental Education

Internet Marketing

Information Technology

Student mentoring program

At CDV all prospective international students go through an Orientation Program which during their stay in Poznań, transforms into a mentoring program, which includes:

- Helping to adapt to changed cultural and social environment

- Providing counseling to students who need help with everyday interactions with fellow students, staff members or inhabitants of Poznań

- Guiding through the process of legalizing your stay in Poland

- Making sure the student understands public transportation system in the City

- Securing student's official bank account services, medical services, insurance and first-aid

- Getting the student acquainted with places of culture, worship, sports and leisure in the City of Poznan and the region of Wielkopolska

- Providing tutors for particular subjects and tandem-partners for language skills improvement

More information: admissions@cdv.pl

For more information about admissions: http://en.cdv.pl/admission-steps.html

Fees and scholarships: http://en.cdv.pl/fees-and-scholarships.html