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The University of Arts in Poznań is an international university with a long tradition. It employs over 200 Polish and international faculty, who are renowned and prominent artists and designers. It is the largest art school in Poland, the only fine arts higher education institution which is a university. The School's enormous potential consists in its creative students supported by innovative education programs and a great number of activities and initiatives in the field of contemporary culture and art. UAP is composed of 8 faculties providing instruction to over 1,400 BA and MA full-time and part-time students, post-graduates and Ph.D. students.

The University runs 14 degree programs in the field of fine arts and design, and moreover a pioneer program of architecture and urban planning which combines artistic and technical questions and whose graduates receive an engineer's diploma. Over 100 art and design studios at UAP include e.g. film studios, photography labs, fashion design studios, painting, printmaking and drawing workshops, as well as studios of cutting-edge computer technologies. New study programs have been set up recently: landscape design, furniture design and animation; previously they were specialisations only. The University has numerous exhibition sites and an historical palace in Skoki, a venue of art workshops, seminars and international artist-in-residence programs.

The University grants honorary doctorates to eminent artists, such as e.g. Magdalena Abakanowicz (2002), Gary Hill (2004), Emmet Williams (2005), Krzysztof Wodiczko (2007), Christian Boltanski (2009), Ross Lovegrove (2010), Jozef Jankowič
(2011), and Zygmunt Bauman (2012). The University of Arts in Poznań is a member of international prestigious associations and organisations such as e.g. the European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) and complies with the Bologna system
which ensures European instruction standards.

Mobility programs allow students to complete part of their study program in other universities around the world.

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