Bilingualism Matters

A Polish branch of the Bilingualism Matters Centre was opened at the Faculty of English at the Adam Mickiewicz University. The mission of this internationally recognised centre, based in Edinburg, is to disseminate results of research into bi- and multilingualism and information related to these issues among societies. For many years, employees of the Faculty of English have been conducting interdisciplinary research into bi- and multilingualism and disseminating its results at local and international fora.

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Bilingualism Matters

As a branch of the Bilingualism Matters, the Faculty of English at the Adam Mickiewicz University will be obliged to disseminate knowledge on bi- and multilingualism as well as multiculturalism, and conduct dialogue - in academic circles and among local communities - on challenges posed by these phenomena in the 21st century.

The Bilingualism Matters cooperates with parents, teachers, health professionals, policy makers and employers.

Research has shown that bilingualism is beneficial for children's development and their future. Children exposed to different languages become more aware of different cultures, other people and other points of view. More recent research also suggests that learning another language may have benefits in later life, delaying the onset of dementia symptoms and slowing cognitive aging. These benefits seem to exist even when people learn a second language later in life.

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