Student's guide to the PEKA card

Are you starting your studies and would like to complete the formalities with the activation of the Electronic Student ID as soon as possible? Or maybe You are already in the second year of studies and are looking for a way to buy a semester ticket while avoiding queues? We will tell you how to do it.

the photo shows a peka card in the hand - grafika artykułu
Student's guide to the PEKA card

First-year students can activate their Electronic Student ID in the PEKA system and use the ticket tariff on the same terms as PEKA card holders. This gives them the opportunity to save a season ticket or top up and use the so-called tPortmonetka, thanks to which you can pay for the number of stops traveled.

It is enough to submit an application for adaptation of the card in the PEKA system via the Internet (there is no need to attach a photo), and then activate it at any ZTM Customer Service Point. Using the Internet saves your time - that's why we recommend this method. How to do it? See the link (in Polish):

Second-year students (and above) who already have ELS active in the PEKA system, do not have to visit ZTM Customer Service Points in order to activate the student discount on the card. It is automatically saved on the PEKA account when the validity of the ID card is extended (the discount will be entered in the PEKA system on the day after its introduction by the university).

A semester ticket can be purchased online - via the website and in a ticket machine. It's simple and convenient - see the link (in Polish):


Students who want to benefit from a 50% discount on calculating fees on the tPurse must activate  this entitlement on the PEKA card at one of the ZTM Customer Service Points. If the information about the discount is not saved on the card, the PEKA system will charge a normal fee from the tPortmonetka.

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