Győr (Hungary)

Agreement signed on: 23 January 2008
Range of cooperation: culture (publishers' exchange during book fairs), sports, exchange of experience concerning self-government activities and education.
Population: 128,000 inhabitants
Location: The most important town in north-eastern Hungary; 6th largest town in the country. It is situated half-way between Vienna and Budapest at one of the most important routes in Central Europe.
Information about the town
Győr is one of the major administrative and cultural centers in Hungary, and also a university town (since 2002). It has population of 128,000 inhabitants. The town boasts thermal baths, the Győr-Per airport has been opened in 2003.
Győr stands out among other towns for its beautiful baroque architecture. The city received the European Award for its contribution to the protection of historical heritage. The Kaptalan Hill is a historical centre where three rivers converge: Moson-Danube, Rába and Rábca. Győr managed to attract many investments from abroad, especially from international motor consortiums (influence of the town's proximity to the Austrian and Slovakian border and its qualified personnel); several large local companies also developed. The lion's share of the production is exported. The average salary is higher than the national average.
Győr's biggest factory is RÁBA (manufacturing car parts, cars, farming machines, engines for Opel and buses; it has been operating since 19th century) and a seat of AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. Main branches of industry include engineering, food processing and light industry.
The character of the city is also influenced by minorities, between them - very active Polish minority with its self-government, cooperating with local authorities. This society preserves Polish culture, language and religion; organizes lessons, gathers to sing together, celebrates holidays and concerts. Every year in Győr there are Polish Days with special guests.

Contact in Győr:
Győr Megyei Jogú Város Polgármesteri Hivatal
Városház tér 1.
9021 Győr
Tel. +36 96 500-100