City of Poznań with the award "Wings of IT in Administration"

The Smart City Poznań App won in the "Tools for Communication with Citizens" category. The award is granted for raising Polish e-government to the highest level.

The photo shows a group of people holding the Wings of IT in Administration award statuettes in their hands. - grafika artykułu
City of Poznań with the Wings of IT in Administration award, photo by Marcin Oliva Soto Photography

The aim of the competition "Wings of IT in Administration" is to recognize institutions which through IT projects have facilitated access to public services or improved the quality of service and communication between the office and its customers.

The jury of the competition, consisting of experts in administration and new technologies, appreciated the City Hall for designing and implementing the Smart City Poznań App, awarding it in the category of "Tools for communication with citizens". This award is given to projects that aim to improve contact with citizens or tourists and to implement the idea of civil society using modern forms and techniques of communication.

In addition to the "Tools for communication with citizens" category, the Wings of IT in Administration awards are also given in the categories: "e-Administration", "e-Culture and e-Education", "e-Citizen Services" and "Office Software". The organizer is the IT in Administration monthly.

The whole city in a smartphone

Thanks to the Smart City Poznań App the residents have easy access to current announcements concerning road obstructions and failures, meteorological warnings or smog reports. The software also allows users to submit their ideas for improving the area or for cultural or sporting initiatives. The application also offers access to the most popular city websites, e-services such as booking an appointment or filling in a waste declaration, a city hotline, surveys and polls.

Smart City Poznań can be downloaded for iOS and Android systems. More information about the application can be found on poznan.en.

The App is coordinated by the Smart City Poznań team, the Digitalization and Cybersecurity Office and and Wielkopolska Centrum Wspierania Inwestycji. Involved in the administration of the application are the city departments and units - Poznań Contact Office, Department for Support of Municipal Auxiliary Units, Municipal Management Department, Municipal Roads Admnistration, Municipal Police, Crisis Management and Security Department, Health and Social Issues Department, Senior Initiatives Centre, Municipal Traffic Engineer, MPK, Aquanet, Veolia, Atmosfera dla Poznania. Veracity foundation is responsible for technical support and for its hosting.


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