WHAT TO STUDY: quality of higher education in Poznań

Poznań' 24 colleges and universities (including 8 state institutions) offer over 300 majors. Each school apart from education at the highest level offers modern infrastructure:  labs, studios and many other facilities.

Poznań's largest university is Adam Mickiewicz University (UAM) which dates back to 1918, and is attended by every third university student in Poznań. Every seventh student has chosen the Poznań University of Technology, every twelfth: the University of Life Sciences and also every twelfth - The University of Economics. Poznań universities and colleges employ over 8,000 faculty members, including more than a thousand professors.

Every year, students of Poznań universities win top awards in world contests and competitions in many fields, such as Microsoft Imagine Cup and European Union Contest for Young Scientists.

Poznań universities and colleges provide their students with a top level education, which is reflected in national top rankings, e.g. "Perspektywy" ranking for 2017:

  • Poznań University of Life Sciences - 1st place in the category of agricultural universities.
  • Poznań University of Economics - 2nd place in the economic universities category
  • Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań - 3rd place in the ranking of Polish universities
  • Poznań University od Technology - 4th place in the ranking of Polish technological universities
  • Poznań University of Medical Sciences - 5th place in the medical universities category

Discover Poznań and its facilities in short movies:

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WHAT TO STUDY: quality of higher education in Poznań

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