WORKING IN POZNAŃ: job opportunities & career

Poznań is among Poland's most prosperous business environments. According to the most recent data from GUS, as of February 2018 the unemployment rate in Poznań stands at 1,4%, and that means the lowest unemployment rate in the country. The city provides fertile ground for many modern and innovative companies in the field of IT services, marketing, design, e-commerce and many others. It was awarded in several international business contests, including "Business Environment Assessment Study 2018", "European Cities and Regions of the Future" 2018 ranking held by "Financial Times" or "City for Business" and  "Business-friendly City" in the "Forbes" ranking. What is more, in 2018 Poznań received A3 rating in the assessment of Moody's rating agency.

Poznań is a city of professionals and new technologies with headquarters of the world's largest corporations as well as small and medium-sized fast-growing enterprises. It is home to almost 112,000 enterprises, and the number of foreign-owned companies operating here is among the highest in Poland.

If you search for a job, that will provide you with professional development opportunities in an international surrounding that is a proper place. Investors who seek to bring their service and research centres to the city, have shown a growing interest in Poznań. These include such well-known companies as Bertelsmann, Carlsberg, Ciber, Franklin Templeton, IKEA, MAN, Microsoft, Open Text, Roche, Samsung, Telcordia, Unilever, Volkswagen and Wikia. Many of them offer a job opportunities for foreign students, without knowing Polish. Fluency in any other language (like your mother tongue) will surely be an added advantage. 

Poznań is a place where the entrepreneurship of young people can flourish. It is a hub for many innovative startups and the place where new ideas are created. It gathers many creatives and gives them space to exchange ideas and experiences (check out our Strefa +1 and other initiatives and events like this one or this one, or many others).  

Its technology parks and incubators are designed to popularize entrepreneurship among students and scientists and get entrepreneurs and researchers to work together. These institutions provide advisory and bookkeeping services, offer training courses, educational programs, offer space rental and help raise capital.

If you are a social activist you can also engage and become a part of one of over 2,7 thousand of Poznań NGOs.

You want to work in Poznań but feel overwhelmed by formal issues? No worries - experts in Migrant Info Point will dispel all your doubts.

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WORKING IN POZNAŃ: job opportunities & career

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