AFTERHOURS: cultural offer

Poznań offers a wide range of cultural attractions which bring together artists from around the world. You can take part in various events: festivals, concerts, workshops and many other initiatives.

To provide you with some examples: in late June and July, Poznań turns into a large stage for theatre performances and projects during the Malta International Theatre Festival, one of the most prominent events of this type in Europe. Also, popular Maski Festival is addressed mainly to young audience and fans of alternative theatres.

As for music: every five years Poznań holds the world's oldest Henryk Wieniawski International Violin Competition. Dance lovers may take part in the International Workshops of Contemporary Dance that takes place in August every year. Our city is visited by well-known music artists like for example Nelly Furtado, Patti Smith, Radiohead, Sting or Ed Sheeran. Events, such as Made in Chicago Jazz Festival and Ethno Port Poznań have been enjoying a growing popularity. For searchers of more alternative entertainment: Poznań is also considered Polish capital of techno and electronic music. What is more in city's pubs, bars and clubs you'll be able to attend many underground concerts.

If you want to experience something local to the marrow, the autumn provides the opportunity to celebrate Saint Martin Street Day. Each year on November 11th a colourful parade sets off on a march down Saint Martin Street and Poznań residents have an occasion to eat tons of local speciality: Saint Martin croissants.

What if you are cinema lover? Then you can access wide film offer in several art-houses that operate in Poznań, including the most iconic ones like Kino Pałacowe, Kino Muza, Kino Apollo, Kino Rialto or Charlie and Monroe. There you can take part in international film festivals held in Poznań like Animator, Short Waves Festival or Ale Kino, or those hosted in our city like Offcinema, WatchDocs or Sputnik.

If - instead of stories told on a big screen - you prefer traditional theatre you should definitely visit Teatr Nowy, Teatr Polski or Teatr Ósmego Dnia. In case you are a fan of more splendid and pompous music shows you can visit Poznań Opera House - Teatr Wielki, whereas Teatr Mmuzyczny w Poznaniu serves more operetta-like shows and performances.

there are also several dozens of art galleries in Poznań, including Poznań National Museum, information on some of them can be found here.

All cultural events held in Poznań are monthly updated in Afisz, also available in English.


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