On Concert Waves

Spring and summer present a splendid opportunity to savour the music of your favourite performers in open-air settings. One such occasion is the comeback of the #NaFalach concerts.

Photo of the audience that is looking at illuminated outdoor stage where the concert is taking place. - grafika artykułu
photograph: Ewelina Jaśkowiak

Poznań is known for its enthusiastic embrace of creative and artistic events along its waterfronts. For over a dozen years, KontenerART has been captivating the public with diverse gatherings on the banks of the Warta River. The annual Edison Festival takes place at Lake Kierskie, while Leszek Możdżer has been delighting Poznań residents with his Enter Enea Festival at Lake Strzeszyńskie for more than a decade. A more recent addition is the Rusałka Stage, which has showcased talented young musicians despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. Since 2004, Polish performers have consistently graced Lake Maltańskie, and in 2018, the event took on the name #NaFalach (On Waves) and expanded to Lake Strzeszyńskie.

Therefore, as summer draws near, audiences will undoubtedly have the privilege of witnessing notable Polish artists performing in the open air at each of the city's major reservoirs. Co-organised by the Poznań Sports and Recreation Centre (POSiR) and the city of Poznań, the #NaFalach series is now in its fifth year, offering free performances by renowned musicians to ensure a musically delightful summer. In previous editions, the event featured such popular and well-received performers as Luxtorpeda, Anita Lipnicka & The Hats, Daria Zawiałow, Fisz/Emade, Kamil Bednarek, Happysad, Sorry Boys, Barbara Wrońska, The Dumplings, Mrozu, Natalia Przybysz, Natalia Nykiel, and Albo Inaczej.

This year, the concerts will commence at Lake Malta with two events scheduled for late June and early July. One of them will marvellously juxtapose two artists involved in uncommon and enchanting alternative pop: Dagadana with her brand of folk-electronic music and Mela Koteluk with art-pop, this time accompanied by the quartet Kwadrofonik*. Both artists will perform on 30 June. On the following day, 1 July, Zalia and Matylda Damięcka, along with Radek Łukasiewicz, will bring their fresh and heart-warming compositions to Lake Malta. With their unique atmosphere, both evenings promise to provide a perfect start to summer holidays.

After the opening concerts featuring remarkable female alternative pop artists, the Strzeszynek venue will shift gears to offer mainstream male pop, widely known from radio (with Kamil Bednarek or Dawid Kwiatkowski returning to #NaFalach) as well as unique rap classics by the Fisz/Emade duo, Fokus and Rahim, whose PFK live band project will revisit the legendary music of Paktofonika. The Fisz/Emade duo and Fokus will be returning to Poznań's lakeside concerts, drawn by ever-enthusiastic audiences that have already seen them twice on the summer stage.

Each of these concerts is sure to satisfy fans of Polish music, whether they prefer mainstream pop, a touch of alternative flair, or rap. This, combined with the intriguing line-up of artists in the first part of the series, makes #NaFalach a highly anticipated event that will once again provide musical solace on warm summer days. All that remains is to hope for beautiful weather.

  • #NaFalach concerts
  • Malta and Strzeszynek
  • 30.06.-25.08.
  • free admission


  • 30 June: Dagadana and Mela Koteluk & Kwadrofonik
  • 1 July: Zalia and Matylda/Łukasiewicz


  • 14 July: Dawid Kwiatkowski
  • 18 August: Kamil Bednarek
  • 19.08: Fokus and Rahim - the PFK live band
  • 25 August: Fisz/Emade

* funded by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) with support from the City of Poznań

Marcin Malecki

translation: Krzysztof Kotkowski

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