Open lecture: "In that world, in that time...Our perception of Polish literature and culture in the former Yugoslavia'

Faculty of Polish and Classical Philology of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and the City of Poznań would like to invite you to an open lecture conducted by Prof. Gojko Tešića titled "In that world, in that time...Our perception of Polish literature and culture in the former Yugoslavia'. The lecture takes place on 11.04 at. 15:30 in Collegium Maius, Mickiewicz Salon under the Dome, at Fredry Street 10.The lecture will be held in Serbian with English translation.

poster informing about the lecture - grafika artykułu
Prof. Gojko Tešić

Prof. Gojko Tešić b. 28 VIII 1951. He is a retired university professor, literary historian, literary critic and anthologist. The most prominent expert and researcher of avant-garde Serbian (and Yugoslav) literature. Publisher of works by Stanislav Vivaver (Serbian writer with Polish-Jewish roots), Radet Drainac, Grigori Božović, Stanislav Krakov (Serbian writer with Polish-Jewish roots), Dragisha Vasić, Todor Manojlović, Milosz Crnjansky and others. He published the so-called Polish issue of the literary journal "Književna reč", famous throughout Europe, the publication of which coincided with the declaration of martial law. From 1977, he was editor of "Literary Word" ("Književna reč"), editor-in-chief from 1980 to 1984. It is a journal with a democratic, polemical and international orientation. He worked for other magazines: "Ithaka" (1995-1997), "Avangarda" (1997,2000), "Alfa" (2001).He was editor of the 'Albatros Library' (1993-1994), the almanac 'Pojmovnik' and many others.

Prof. Tešić is also the author of 4 author monographs; he has published 22 anthologies and works by Serbian writers: Koczy Popović (2 volumes), Dragisha Vasić (4 volumes), Stanislav Krakov (3 volumes), Milosz Crnjansky (4 volumes), Rade Drainca (10 volumes), Stanislav Vinaver (18 volumes), Radomir Konstantinović (18 volumes) and many others.

He was a member of the Serbian Writers' Association (until November 1996). He is a member of the Serbian Literary Society and the PEN Center. He was president of the board of SKD (2006-2007) and president of the board of the Serbian National Library (2013-2014). He was a member of the Council for the Protection of the Intellectual Heritage of Radomir Konstantinović. He was also a jury member of the NIN Awards, the 'Isidora Sekulić' Awards, the Dis Awards, the Todor Manojlović Awards, the Njegoš Awards, the Milutina Uskoković Awards and the Laza Lazarević Awards.

He won numerous awards: October Award of the City of Belgrade (1972, 1973, 1974); Branko Miljković Award (1976); Djordje Jovanović Award (1992); Pavle Marko Adamov Award (1993); Dušan Vasiljev Award (2010); Vuka Karadžić Award for Outstanding Contribution to Serbian Culture (2011).