Poznan is available - also digitally

May 20 is World Accessibility Awareness Day. It aims to draw attention to the problems faced by people with disabilities when using the Internet and online services. The City of Poznan offers them a number of proposals and facilitations.

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City websites already offer multiple contrast versions, enlarge fonts, or listen to alternative texts.

World Accessibility Awareness Day is primarily intended to show designers of websites and mobile applications that people with disabilities are customers whose needs are worth opening up. It draws attention to the problems of this social group, which are often not realized by people without disabilities.

- This date is particularly important for people with disabilities who have to overcome many barriers every day - says Jacek Jaśkowiak, Mayor of Poznan. - We try to make Poznan a city accessible for everyone in every area of life, also on the Internet. The pandemic has shown us how important it is, as a result of which many of our activities moved online. Therefore, we are constantly improving and developing city services and websites so that they can be used by all residents of Poznan. We want them to be friendly, intuitive and convenient to use for people with disabilities, as well as seniors, foreigners or less educated people.

On city websites (www.poznan.plhttps://www.poznan.pl/en/) and in the Public Information Bulletin (https://bip.poznan.pl) you can already find many contrasting versions, enlarge fonts or listen to alternative texts that tell what is in the pictures. In the section marked with an icon of blinking hands there are films in Polish Sign Language.

There is an easy transition to easy-to-read and easy-to-understand texts for some of the things that Poznan residents need to do. People going to the buildings of Poznan City Hall can check on the website whether they are architecturally accessible - whether they can easily get to them, e.g. in a wheelchair and settle their matter.

Poznan City Hall officials also participate in the "Simple Language at the Poznan City Hall" project, which teaches how to write official letters and texts for city pages in a simpler way. This is one of the most important accessibility criteria.

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