COST OF LIVING: let's calculate expenses

Poznań seems to be a perfect location for a study also from some more mercantile incentives. The average cost of living is significantly lower than in the case of Warsaw or Berlin. Let's try to calculate this. 

First of all: communication. You can arrive at any place in the town by numerous bus and tram lines, including "Pestka" (Poznań Fast Tram). The student monthly season ticket is an expense of PLN 49.50 (approximately 12 EUR - February 2018).

Then: accommodation. Thirty students' dormitories offer 9,500 beds for those who are looking for affordable place to stay. For a monthly accommodation, one has to pay there PLN 364-650 (approximately 87-157 EUR - February 2018). If you decide to stay in a students' flat you will have to pay at least PLN 600  (approximately 145 EUR - February 2018), whereas if you wish to rent a one-room flat, you will have to pay about PLN 700- 1,200 monthly (approximately 170-290 EUR - February 2018).

Now: food. The budget variant means that you can afford to buy two-course dinner for about PLN 12-16 (approximately 3-4 EUR - February 2018). Then if we add some other food-related low-budget expenses the whole-month amount oscillates around PLN 500-600 (approximately 121-145 EUR - February 2018). If you face fewer budget limits there is an endless variety of bars, restaurants and food places offering tasty dishes you can spend your money on. 

If we include some additional expenses it means that cinema student ticket costs PLN 8-16  (approximately 2-4 EUR - February 2018), theatre ticket PLN 20-80  (approximately 5-19 EUR - February 2018), and afterwards you can buy a pint of beer for about PLN 7-10 (approximately 1,8-2,5 EUR - February 2018)  or a shot for PLN 4-8 (approximately 1-2 EUR - February 2018)

Of course you should remember about other expenses like cosmetics, telephone/ Internet charges, etc.

But to sum up: monthly cost of maintaining in Poznań (considering more or less budget version of your spendings) oscillates around  PLN 750-1100 (approximately 182-265 EUR - February 2018). 

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