WHY POZNAŃ: some basic info to start with

Study in Poznań! Poznań means life and dynamics. Take advantage of its assets, because Poznań means:

  • one of the largest Poland's cities (population over 541,000);
  • over 102,000 students;
  • over 230 majors at 24 colleges and universities;
  • over 127,000 job offering companies (one of the country's lowest unemployment rate);
  • the best city in terms of the learning atmosphere and public transport.

(data source: GUS)

Our city attracts people who are ambitious and ready to face new challenges. Interesting course offers and numerous development opportunities are what draw students' attention to Poznań. It is enough to spend just a few days here to feel fantastic atmosphere and the comfort of local life, as well as to discover the unique potential of Poznań.

Poznań vibrates with life. It is a very suitable place for running a business, enjoying culture and entertainment. Over 102,000 students provide Poznań with incredible dose of energy and co-create its climate.

Poznań offers top level of education. Its universities are among Poland's most prominent ones, and the educational centers and campuses are one of the most modern in Poland. Here, you can pursue each of your passions, and exchange experiences in an international scientific environment.

Discover Poznań and its facilities in short movies:

Poznań in the nutshell

Study in Poznań

Poznan and youth

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WHAT TO STUDY: quality of higher education in Poznań

MEASURE THE POSSIBILITIES: scientific potential of Poznań 


LIVING STANDARDS: quality of life

> COSTS OF LIVING: let's calculate expenses

> WORKING IN POZNAŃ: job opportunities & career

> AFTERHOURS: cultural offer

> SPORTS AND RECREATION: be active in Poznań

> SOCIAL DIMENSION: student life


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