The Rogalin Landscape Park

The Rogalin Landscape Park was established in 1997 in order to protect one of the largest in Europe concentrations of centuries - old pedunculate oaks (Quercus robur) that grow in the Warta River valley, and to protect numerous backwaters as well as certain historical and cultural values.
The famous Rogalin oaks have become a symbol of the Wielkopolska region. They have been admired by tourists and researchers for years. Nowhere else in Europe will you find such a large concentration of old, some reaching the age of 600 years, oaks as those that grow in the Warta's riverine forests. They were first counted in 1904. The latest calculation suggests there are 1435 oaks, 860 of which are natural monuments. The circumferences of many of those venerable trees may reach as much as 10 metres. However, the most famous four are: the three that grow in the Rogalin palace's park and are called "Lech", "Czech" and "Rus" whose circumferences are respectively 930, 810 and 670 cm, and "Edward", whose circumference is 650 and which grows on the slope of the Warta River valley.
The "Krajkowo" Reserve serves the purpose of protecting the Warta Valley oaks. It encompasses 160.46 hectares of the Warta River's backwaters and riverine forests, with the Wielkopolska Region's largest breeding ground of the Gray Heron that is located between Czaple Bagno (Herons' Swamp) on one side and Małe Bagno (Small Swamp) with the Warta River on the other.
One should bear in mind that the Rogalin Landscape Park is more than just oaks. Today Rogalin's riverine forests are home to numerous endangered birds, and its backwaters and inundations are spawning grounds for numerous fish species, whereas the oaks themselves are home to species of insects and Arachnida that are rare in Poland or even in Europe. The Warta River valley abounds in lots of rare and endangered plant species, the Cheddar Pink 'Firewitch' (Dianthus gratianopolitanus) among them. For its protection, the "Cheddar Pink 'Firewitch' in Grzybno" reserve has been established.
How to get there : the best way to get to the Park is by car. Drive to Rogalinek (take route 430 to Mosina and route 431 from there to Rogalinek and Rogalin, or from Starołęka take route 602 through Czapury). In Rogalinek you had best leave your car and walk along the red trekking track to Rogalinek. The track goes along the Warta River's backwaters and inundations.
Using a train, you can get to Puszczykowo, from where the above - mentioned red track will take you to Rogalinek and Rogalin.
You can also get to Puszczykowo using the suburban transport from Dębiec (the number 101 bus to Mosina and the bus to Niwki).