Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Are contacts and exchange of knowledge and experience important to your business? Do contacts translate into a more dynamic development of your company? If so, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is for you! You can participate in the European cross-border exchange programme with the help of PSTP. The initiative helps experienced companies to look for new business partners and gives aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to establish new business contacts.

About the programme. Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs has been designed for three groups of participants:

  • Experienced entrepreneurs, willing to cooperate with foreign partners and use the expertise of young entrepreneurs from the EU member states;
  • New entrepreneurs who have started their own business within the last 3 years;
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to start a business, based on a viable business plan.

New and aspiring entrepreneurs have a chance to go for an exchange in a selected country of the European Union. Experienced entrepreneurs, on the other hand, can benefit from fresh ideas of new entrepreneurs and their business contacts. They will host young entrepreneurs for the period of 1 to 6 months. The new entrepreneurs' subsistence costs are covered by the European Commission. The financial support amounts to EUR 530-1100, depending on the country in which a host entrepreneur is based.

Future participants should have relevant education, experience and a concrete business idea reflected in a business plan. Those who wish to participate in the programme as new entrepreneurs should also have a good command of foreign languages and, above all, be ready to present their idea for a business. Being able to present a cooperation plan between NE (New Entrepreneur) and HE (Host Entrepreneur) is also most welcome.

You can participate in the programme by filling in the application form online: When applying, please remember to choose Adam Mickiewicz University Foundation (a unit managing Poznan Science and Technology Park) as an IO - Intermediary Organisation. New and experienced entrepreneurs who will successfully go through the recruitment process will sign an agreement in which terms and conditions of the exchange will be stipulated.

How can you benefit from the programme?

  • Big companies will have a chance to liaise with new business partners implementing innovative ideas;
  • For host entrepreneurs, collaboration with young colleagues from various European countries is a chance to expand the scope of their business abroad;
  • For young entrepreneurs, participating in the initiative is a chance to gain expertise and experience which can help them to improve or sharpen their business plan;
  • Young companies can also find a valuable contractor with whom they can cooperate later on;
  • The exchange is co-funded by the European Commission; the interested parties are exempted from the majority of costs.

For more information please contact us through

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