The trusted profile

If you want to save your time, you may choose one of signing methodes - the trusted profile.

Trusted profile is a free of charge method of authentication of a citizen's identity in e-governmental systems - it is an equivalent of a secure electronic signature, verified by a qualified certificate. By using trusted profile a citizen may arrange administrative matters (e.g.  lodging of applications, appeals, complaints) electronically without having to go to the office.

In order to obtain trusted profile one needs to:

I option - to all citizens:
1. open the ePUAP account,
2. login to your account on ePUAP and then using electronic services available in ePUAP  fill in and send a request for confirmation of ePUAP trusted profile
3. with a valid ID card or passport go to the chosen authentication point to confirm your identity.

Consul, the head of the tax office, regional governor and the Social Insurance Institution fulfil the role of authentication point. Validation of trusted ePUAP profiles, after obtaining the prior consent of the Minister for Administration and Digitisation as a authentication point may also be made by other public entities, domestic banks, postal operators,  or branches of credit institutions.

One of authentication points is Department of Business Activity and Agriculture: 28 Czerwca 1956 nr 404, 61-441 Poznań

II option - for holders of an electronic signature:
1. login on the ePUAP platform (it is required to hold an account on ePUAP)
2. fill in an application for a profile,
3. confirm your data by means of an electronic signature with a qualified certificate.

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