Regon number - Statistical Office

On the "single window" basis, the entrepreneur being a natural person files a EDG EDG-1 application for an entry into the Business Activity Register with the Commune/ City Hall into the Register of Economic Activity. Application data is transferred by the Commune/City Hall to the Statistical Office which, on these grounds, awards the entrepreneur with a REGON number. The entire procedure of entrepreneur's entry or modification of the entry in the REGON register is based on the assumption that no direct contact between the entrepreneur and statistical office is necessary. The Statistical Offices forwards a certificate of REGON number award to the entrepreneur within 7 days of the entry in the REGON register being processed.

In the case of civil law partnership, the REGON number is awarded to the partnership itself, and not to each of the partners separately. The award of the REGON number to the civil law partnership requires all partners to personally report to the Statistical Office in Poznan.

Only those changes in the data subject to entry in the REGON register which are simultaneously not subject to registration in CENTRAL REGISTRATION AND INFORMATION ON BUSINESS, is directly subject to the Law on Public Statistics (Article 42 paragraph 8 of the Law on Public Statistics of the 29th of June 1995). In such case, entrepreneurs are obliged to file RG-1 application with a locally competent Statistical Office. Amendment to the Law on Public Statistics of the 19th of December 2008 has overruled the requirement for the business entities who are subject to entry in the REGON register to use of the certificate of the REGON identification number and to include this number in company's stamps and official documents in official contacts and trade-related contacts (revocation of paragraph 3 in Article 43 of the above-mentioned Law).

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