LIVING STANDARDS: quality of life

Poznań offers not only a high quality of education but also a top quality of life. Poznań is considered to be quickly developing business city. According to latest statistics (GUS February 2018) the level of unemployment is the lowest in Poland (1,4%) and the same applies to the standards of living and general measures of inhabitants' satisfaction.

This is confirmed by the first places achieved in the prestigious international and national rankings.

  • Poznań is one of the most attractive Polish cities in terms of new investments - this is the result of the report "Business Environment Assessment Study" 2018
  • Poznań was also on the podium in the prestigious "European Cities and Regions of the Future" 2018 ranking held by "Financial Times". The capital of Wielkopolska gained the higher rank in the category of "The most business-friendly cities"
  • In 2018 Poznań received A3 rating  in the assessment of Moody's rating agency
  • Poznań was recognized the best city with county rights in 2017 edition of the Local Government Ranking prepared by the "Rzeczpospolita" daily
  • Poznań tops the podium in terms of attractiveness for business. The city took second place in the ranking of the most attractive City for Business and the third place in the ranking Business-friendly City ("Forbes")
  • In 2017 Poznań was also on the podium in the ranking: Creators of Urban Culture Development (3rd place), which was held by the National Center for Culture
  • Poznań was also announced the most digitalized city as for ways communication with its inhabitants ("Komputer Świat")
  • The Strongest Brand in Poland 2011  (The Superbrand)
  • The Highest International Quality 2011 (Business Forum)
  • The Best Managed City of 2011 (Adam Smith's Center)
  • City of Opportunities - City of Sustainable Development 2011 (PwC and Newsweek)
  • The Best Partner in Business of 2010 ("Home & Market" Monthly)

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