Phoenix Contact Wielkopolska as 1 of 9 companies honoured with the Polonica Progressio Special Award from the Ministry of Development and Technology

This year, PxCW was awarded the Polonica Progressio special prize by the Ministry of Development and Technology. This is a great distinction and an appreciation of the 30 years of activity in Wielkopolska to date. This is the second time the awards have been granted. The first winners received them in 2022.

Polonica Progressio awards given at the Ministry of Development and Technology - grafika artykułu
Polonica Progressio awards given at the Ministry of Development and Technology

Phoenix Contact Wielkopolska is one of the largest employers on the local markets in Nowy Tomyśl, Poznań and Tarnobrzeg. They produce top-quality electrotechnical goods used to control, connect and distribute energy and data flows in almost every industry. As a high-tech company, together they are creating a sustainable world based on a passion for technology and innovation. The company's mission is to provide solutions to support the development of electrification and automation as a contribution to a world where renewable energy is available for the benefit of all.

PxCW honoured with a special award

The presentation of the Polonica Progressio economic awards of the Minister of Development and Technology took place on 22 June 2023 in Warsaw. These are distinctions awarded for the second time to companies that contribute to the development and promotion of the Polish economy by, among other things, increasing productivity and innovation, developing human capital or providing a friendly environment for business and society. This year, nine companies received awards, including Phoenix Contact Wielkopolska:
- Sk Hi-Tech Battery Materials Poland Sp. z o.o. (Sustainability Leader).
- Barlinek S.A. (Foreign expansion leader)
- ILS Lions Group Sp. z o.o. (Leader in management capability development)
- BactoTech Sp. z o.o. (Innovation leader)
- Hemolens Diagnostics Sp. z o.o. (Leader in technology adoption)
- Umicore Poland Sp. z o.o. (Cooperation leader)
- Soligrano Sp. z o.o. (1 Special Award)
- Zakład Ceramiki Budowlanej Owczary R.E.R. Stępień sp. j. (2nd Special award)
- Phoenix Contact Wielkopolska Sp. z o.o.  (3rd Special Prize)

Employee Awards

Many professions and occupations have their own celebration. The establishment of Entrepreneurs' Day in 2016 was a good initiative. It is a moment when, in the rush of everyday life, we can appreciate the efforts of entrepreneurs. An increase in GDP, a decrease in unemployment are some of the effects of their work," said Minister Waldemar Buda during the Gala. Receiving such a distinction, a special award, is in fact a great appreciation of the work of all Phoenix Contact Wielkopolska employees in production and administration. The company very often emphasises that it is made up of people and they are the basis of its operation. We already employ more than 3,400 people at all locations. I am extremely proud of our employees. This is an additional form of appreciation and recognition of the work that everyone does on a daily basis and of their commitment, the effects of which we can see, for example now, during the presentation of the Polonica Progressio award. Once again, I would like to extend huge thanks and congratulations to all Phoenix Contact Wielkopolska Employees at the production plant in Nowy Tomyśl, the plant in Tarnobrzeg and the Shared Services Centre in Poznań. - says Marcin Poznański, CEO of Phoenix Contact Wielkopolska.

Phoenix Contact Group's 100th anniversary

Phoenix Contact has been creating connections since 1923. These are technological connections that make customers' lives easier and better thanks to a huge range of innovations. They are also interpersonal connections involving approaching customers and clients in a spirit of partnership and trust and working with them on an equal footing. This year, the Phoenix Contact Group is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Given the unique anniversary we are celebrating worldwide, the Polonica Progressio award is a pleasant surprise and a great honour for us. We have been recognised and honoured not only locally, but also nationally. I am glad that for almost 30 years we have been creating new jobs and developing our activities on the Polish market, thus contributing to the technological and economic development in Poland. - adds Marcin Poznański.