Poznań with the lowest unemployment in Poland

In the first half year of 2022, in Poznań, unemployment dropped and currently is the lowest in Poland. Only 1.2% of professionally active residents of Poznań are unemployed.

Poznań with the lowest unemployment in Poland. Photo: WCWI Sp. z o.o., Miłosz Król - grafika artykułu
Poznań with the lowest unemployment in Poland. Photo: WCWI Sp. z o.o., Miłosz Król

In the first six months of this year, the number of unemployed in the capital of Wielkopolska fell by 1.7 thousand people. At the same time, the District Labour Office in Poznań (PUP)  registered  3.9 thousand people looking for a job, 5 thousand people were excluded from the PUP register. Most of them - 2,4 thousand started working, over 700 people started an internship or training course, and 132 people started their own business. Noticeably, the number of young unemployed (up to 25 years old) people decreased by 1,4 %, but instead more 50 years old people residents are unemployed (by 2.4 percentage points).

The unemployment rate in the capital of Wielkopolska, as in Poznań county, is the lowest in the country. In Wrocław it is 1.6%, in Warsaw 1.7%, in Katowice 1.8%, and in Gdańsk 2.5%.

- We are glad that the City's strategy aimed at acquiring new investments is paying off and more and more attractive jobs are being created here. Despite the difficult socio-economic situation, we make every effort to maintain such a low unemployment rate and improve the living standard in Poznań.

According to the District Labour Office in Poznań, at the end of June, there were 4.1 thousand unemployed in the capital of Wielkopolska. That is about 300 residents less than a month earlier.

For every 100 unemployed men, there were 115 women. Most people without a job had only at the most primary or higher education. Young people had the biggest problems with employment.

More than half of the unemployed had no more than 5 years of work experience, and ⅓ did not exceed 35 years of age. In Poznań, 348 people with disabilities were looking for a job and 101 foreigners. At the end of the month, the District Labour Office had 1.2 thousand job offers in Poznań. There were 4 job seekers per one offer.

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