Quick overview of the 10 months of the Shared Service Centre Phoenix Contact Wielkopolska in Poznań!

The Shared Services Centre is the fourth branch of Phoenix Contact Wielkopolska. It is located in Poznań in the Nowy Rynek D building on Wierzbięcice Street. The first employees started working in the Shared Service Centre as early as 5 August last year. It has therefore been more than 10 months since PxCW has been operating in its new location.

The SSC office in Poznań at Wierzbięcice Street in the Nowy Rynek D building. - grafika artykułu
The SSC office in Poznań at Wierzbięcice Street in the Nowy Rynek D building.

Phoenix Contact Wielkopolska is one of the largest employers on the local markets in Nowy Tomyśl, Poznań and Tarnobrzeg. They manufacture top-quality electrotechnical articles used to control, connect and distribute energy and data flows in almost every industry. This year, the entire PxC Group is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Despite the fact that the Shared Service Centre has only been in operation for a year, the whole company has a very established track record in the market, thus presenting itself as a solid and stable employer.

A new beginning for PxCW

The first few months at the Shared Service Centre in Poznań were marked by many implementations, hiring new employees, as well as learning to cooperate with teams from Germany. Due to the overlapping responsibilities, very good and transparent
communication, and until now the development teams tended to be located in one location. Channels for the exchange of information have been structured and, without any major problems, the employees work together to solve the tasks set before them.

A number of training sessions should also not be forgotten, including joint workshops in Blomberg (PxC's German headquarters) and Bad Pyrmont. These were aimed at building relationships and developing and optimising processes. It is very important that, despite different locations, cultures or nationalities, we support each other and look for new solutions. From now on, the branch provides services to many countries throughout Europe.

An ambitious challenge was set before the employees, given that the SSC was to take over IT support in Europe from the more experienced team in Blomberg. Given the past successes of all the teams, there was no doubt that together they would lead the projects to the highest level.


The entire implementation and pre-training of the RSC EU team was already started in May 2022 and concluded in August with a meeting at Head Office. It was only after the official opening of the SSC office in September that the teams started to improve their processes and standardise their work. As Jakub Piekarz, RSC EU Manager, says:

- The biggest milestones during this period were the 100 per cent takeover of IT care for all sales units in Europe three months ahead of schedule (the target date was June, while we already accomplished this in April). We now support 24 business units in Europe. This is more than the Regional Service Centre portfolio in Asia or America. We also have to develop our own way of working and cooperating with each of the countries in our care.

All Europe in one place

Twelve support areas have been created in the Shared Service Centre, including: Electromechanics, Electronics, Data Management, E-Learning, Building Infrastructure Management, IT, Accounting, Controlling and the R&D Laboratory. The company is constantly expanding its teams to effectively provide services to the entire PxC group.

- In the context of recruitment to the financial department of the Shared Services Centre, substantive knowledge and experience in the area directly related to finance and controlling, as well as knowledge of ERP systems, mainly SAP, are required - indicates Marzena Farulewska, SSC FICO Manager. We are also looking for people with knowledge of programming and automation-robotisation of financial processes.

However, as Dariusz Izydorczyk, SSC Development & Product Marketing Manager, emphasises, technical skills and expertise are not everything:

- We are looking for people with an excellent sense of teamwork, for whom daily cooperation as part of an international team is an advantage. Candidates should be development- and improvement-oriented and focus on open communication in their daily work.