The ballet spring opener

The Wielki Theatre is starting its first post-renovation season with two festivals, one of which, the Moniuszko Festival, already took place in the autumn, with the other, the Early Spring Ballet festival, having been scheduled for February.

A photo from the show in blue and violet colors. A few women in ballerina costumes on stage. In front of the stage there is a swan with spread wings, above the stage there are spotlights illuminating the stage. - grafika artykułu
The Swans, photograph: Bartosz Seifert

The programme boasts a second iteration of Spectrum, an event featuring a bunch of brief choreographed performances by young dancers who not only run the artistic side of the show but also handle its production and promotion.

As part of the festival, the Poznań Opera House will roll out the ballet triptych BER, named after the last-name initials of three choreographers: Robert Bondara, Alexander Ekman, and Martynas Rimeikis. Finally, brace for the revival of Łabędzie (The Swans), which is a dance performance produced in a collaborative effort by blind, visually impaired, and mobility-challenged dancers.

Adding extra flair, the Early Spring Ballet showcases guest appearances by Sofia Nappi in a project named in Pupo and by Polish National Ballet Junior company in Juvenalia.

Written by the Editors

translation: Krzysztof Kotkowski

Early Spring Ballet Festival, Wielki Theatre, 15-25 February

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