Betlehem in Poznań

After a yearly break, we will finally be able to feel the christmas spirit in Poznań. That is because the Poznań Betlehem, a traditional Christmas Fair. Traditionally held on the Freedom Square, this year it will also take place on the Łazarski Market, City Park and in the entrance of Poznań Arena.

The photo shows crowd of people on the Christmas Fair, located on the Freedom Square, in evening scenery. In the background, behind several wooden stands, a ferris wheel with many bright, white lights is visible. - grafika artykułu
Poznań Betlehem Christmas Fair is coming back to the city.

Traditional Christmas Fair on Independence Square will begin on the 20th of November and last till the 26th of December. As always, there are many activities planned for this special time. Like in previous years, people will be a able to support noble actions of the Palium Hospice and the Bread of Life Foundation.

Next, on the 18th of December another edition of Poznań Silent Night event will take place. International academic society invites everybody to create a multilangual choir, and sing together a "Silent night" christmas carol in as many languages as possible. In pre-holiday programme of events, there are also other activities, such as Christmas Silent Disco and Winter Fire Show.

There are also other pleasant surprises, awaiting for residents of Poznań and tourists. This year, apart from traditional collectible cups, candles with Poznań Betlehem logo will be sold as a holiday souvenir. For almost entire December, a box for letters to Santa Claus will be located in Local Initiatives Center office.

Because of planned renovation of Old Market, events traditionally held in this area will take place in Łazarski District. Construction works in Old Town location are also a reason for placing a Christmas Tree on Freedom Square, right next to the water fountain.

Newly renovated Łazarski Market will be opened on the 4th of December. On this special weekend, city's residents and tourists will be able to participate in many events, such as concerts, city game and workshops. Besides of standard market stands, under new roof of the market more than few small wooden boths will be situated. They will create a space for trade of traditional christmas goods and gifts. There are also plenty activites prepared especially for children, such as animations conducted by professional staff and free-of-charge carousel. Christmas Fair on the Łazarski Market will last till the 19th of December.

Another attractions will be waiting in the entrance of Poznań Arena. Christmas fair will be situated on this location between 10th and 19th December. Apart from that, on the first two days of market, the annual Ice Sculpture Festival will await there for everyone interested in witnessing the work of finest ice-carvers from all around the world.

Last place of the Poznań Christmas Fair will be located in City Park. Before holidays, about 40 exhibitors, offering food and gifts, will be waiting there for customers. There are other activities planned there as well, for example gingerbread baking workshop for children. All proceeds from the fair stands will be given to the charity.

We'd like to invite everyone to take part in Poznań Betlehem, to feel the joy of holidays together.

More informations are available on the Poznań Betlehem website:


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