It's worth learning languages in Poznan!

Numerous job advertisements show that the knowledge of foreign languages ​​is one of the skills, which is the most valued among employers. Employees of the Poznan modern services sector provide services in 30 different languages. The linguistic competence of the inhabitants is a huge advantage of Poznan.

Poznań's languages potential 2021 - grafika artykułu
Poznań's languages potential 2021

From an early age, the inhabitants of Poznan improve their language skills. Over 80,000 students at all levels of education learn English, and over 30,000 attend German lessons. French (less than 3,000), Spanish (2,500) and Russian (about 2,000) are also popular. Almost 53,000 pupils  attend compulsory foreign language lessons in Poznan secondary schools.

Moreover, the universities of Poznan (mainly the Adam Mickiewicz University) offer a wide range of philological studies. Students can choose from almost 40 different faculties related to learning of the foreign languages. Moreover, 8,400 people study at these faculties, while 1,500 graduates enter the labour market every year.

There are over 102,000 university students in Poznan and every one of them attends the compulsory foreign language course, which ends with an exam at the B2 level. Most young people choose English, but many students also learn German and Spanish.

In order to encourage high school graduates to study philology, the Faculty of English, the Faculty of Polish and Classical Philology and the Faculty of Modern Languages and Literatures of Adam Mickiewicz University have organised a Promotion Day of Studying at the School of Language and Literature Sciences. The program includes a presentation of the BA and MA studies, lectures and workshops prepared especially for the high school students. The event will take place on June 5, in online formula.

- The knowledge of foreign languages ​​is a huge advantage on the labour market in Poznan. German language is constantly very popular among employers from the modern services sector and IT/ICT industry. It is worth mentioning that many companies offer to their employees language courses, thus basic knowledge is usually enough to take up an interesting job. Additionally, in Poznan there are also companies, where foreigners can work even without speaking Polish - emphasizes Katja Lożina, Director of the Investor Relations Department.

There are already 120 companies operating in the modern services sector in Poznan and most of them are so-called multilingual centres. It means that such entities provide services in many languages. Among the most exotic ones are Flemish, Estonian, Romanian, Chinese and Afrikaans. Candidates who speak foreign languages ​​can easily find work in Poznan branches of such world brands as: Alten, Capgemini, Infosys, LUMEN, B.Brown, Duni EFF, Conectys, Newell or Franklin Templeton.

The language competences of the Poznan's inhabitants are also a strong advantage in attracting new investors. Therefore, the team of the Investor Relations Department has prepared a special presentation "Poznan's language potential". So, we encourage you to download it!

Enjoy your reading! Viel Spaß beim Lesen! Naudi lugemist! Bonne lecture! Бажаю Вам приємного читання! Miłej lektury!

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